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Sports Equipment Discounts & School PE Grants.

A number of schools have contacted us enquiring about sports equipment ‘PE Grant’ discounts. Do we give sports equipment discounts on the PE Grants issued to schools before Christmas? The answers is Yes!!! We are offering discounts on all our products ranges, outdoor basketball, playground & line markings, gymnastics mats, balance benches, volleyball equipment, football goals, there are no exceptions !!

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How to avail of these discounts for your school?

The best way principals & PE teachers can avail of these discounts is to email or fax us your school sports equipment “wish list”; (items the school requires). Ideally, provide us with product codes from our sports equipment catalogue to speed up the process.

Once this happens, we will have your personalised quotation back to the school with as much discount as we can, as quick as we can.

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