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Basketball Padding Special Offer

Basketball Post Padding – Removable or Permanent?

When schools and sports clubs contact us regarding their safety post padding requirements, the conversation will always come down to one of two options; removable post padding that must be taken away after use or permanent post padding that will be left out in all weather. We manufacture both types of padding, specifically made for Department of Education Outdoor Basketball sets, in our premises in Co. Carlow.

Irish Sports Safety Padding


Removable Post Padding.

Our removable post padding incorporates Velcro backing to securely hold the basketball padding in place when in use. The Velcro also allows the padding to be very quickly attached/removed. Every school/sports club is different, some have issues with their courts being used after hours. Removing the basketball padding may make things less attractive to after hours visitors. The two main disadvantages to removable / Velcro safety padding are that the teacher/supervisor may find it annoying to constantly bring the padding in and out, (when they find it in the store room). The Velcro strip also isn’t as robust as the eyelets, with time and use the Velcro will wear.


Permanent post padding
basketball post padding

Permanent post padding comes in the form of approximately ten eyelets punched in the back of the padding and secured in place with cable ties. This type of padding is water proof,  has a range of easily cleaned covers and can be left out in all weathers. On balance this safety padding option proves to be more popular with schools and clubs. Once its secured in place, it stays there throughout the year.


Basketball Post Padding Special Offer.
 special offer

The school year is almost at an end, state exams across the country have started today so we have decided now would be a good time to extend a special offer.


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We’re offering only 10 sets of our Outdoor Basketball Safety Padding, worth (€240 – Vat & Delivery) at €210 until July 4th. So which ever comes first. When the 10 sets are gone – they’re gone!


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Sports Safety Padding


4 Key safety padding characteristics teachers should know.


Number One. Fit for Purpose.

To provide the most appropriate safety padding solution in terms of density, foam thickness, covers and fixing methods, teachers should be clear about what the safety padding is required for. For example, is it padding to suit school radiators or  padding at the end of a sports hall wall used for sprinting?

Column / Pillar Safety padding


Number Two. Safety Padding Fitting & Installation.

Most schools we deal with prefer that we install the padding solutions but it is not always necessary. The ‘supply only’ option helps to keep the costs to a minimum for schools that requires safety padding. The factors that determine safety padding installation are:

1. Quantity.

2. Project complexity.

3. School location.

These are the main factors we consider when advising a school on our safety padding installation services.

Number Three. Safety Padding Leads Times.

Our standard safety padding such post padding for basketball or rugby posts are normally in stock and delivery would be with 2-3 days.

Calling to the School.

Our made to measure or customised safety padding solutions for schools would require that we firstly visit the school, and follow up with a quotation. If the school is satisfied and places an order we get ready to start manufacturing their safety padding. The process to this point can be done within 2 weeks.

The safety padding manufacturing process usually requires 1-2 weeks and this then ready to be either supplied or installed. Our safety padding can be supplied within a week but for the installation service we ask schools to allow approximately 2-3 weeks for scheduling.

To summarise, from initial school contact the supply of our customised safety padding requires 4-5 weeks. If our installation service is required, the whole process requires a total of  7 weeks, under normal conditions.

Number Four. Range of Colours & Finishes.

Without question the priority of safety padding in the school environment is of a functional nature; protection of children, staff and school property. That said, there’s no reason that your safety padding shouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing and finished in a way that fits seamlessly into the school environment. We have a range of safety colours, materials and finishes which we advise from.

Our Satisfied Customers:

Aviva Stadium, Dublin      Ski Club of Ireland, Kilternan     UCC, Mardyke Arena,

Waterford Football Club, 

The HSE, nationwide     The Irish Prison Service,     The Dept of Education, nationwide

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Waterford FC - Safety Padding


Football Club Safety Padding, Co. Waterford.


1. Football Club’s Brief.

Waterford football club had issues with run off areas and fencing surrounding their new synthetic pitch. They estimated that they required 40-60 metres of durable, hard wearing Sports Safety Padding and approached Fitness Functions through Waterford County Council. As the run off areas and fencing were at different heights & angles the safety padding had to accommodate this.


2. Our Safety Padding Solution.

After consulting with the Football Club and reviewing various possibilities we decided on 70mm high impact, water resistant & easily cleaned pads at varying heights of 4ft and 6ft. This specification of padding was quite similar to the Aviva Stadium Safety Padding we installed some time ago.

3. On Site Installation Details 

A combination of masonry fixings, steel brackets and timber batons were used on the fences and solid end walls to securely fix our safety padding. This project required two men over two days.

4. Care & Maintenance.

The safety padding we installed is covered with heavy duty, easily cleaned vinyl which means the football club efforts in active care and maintenance of these safety pads are at an absolute minimum.

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If you have any queries or questions regarding Sports Safety Padding for your Club & Community Centre don’t hesitate to email, Lo-call 1890-252-856 or visit our website

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  Safety Padding and Pads


Sports Padding

Irish Sports Safety Padding
We design and manufacture sports safety padding from our premises in Co. Carlow which means we have a stock of the most popular sports safety pads such as posts pads, column padding and safety mats but we also customise our safety padding (such as wall safety padding and corner padding) to our customers specific needs within a week of ordering.

Post Pads.

Our post pads are probably the most sought after type of sports safety padding we provide. Basketball post padding (made to Dept. Education Spec), Football, Rugby and GAA post padding are consistently in demand. Our post padding starts from €95 (ex vat and delivery)

Sports Safety Padding No Fee


Boundary & Wall Padding.

Irish Sports Safety Padding
Regardless of the sports played, the ‘run off’ areas in many cases are now being padded. Our customers see these areas as potentially dangerous whether they be indoor or outdoors. We have provided many wall padding solutions for sports halls and outdoor pitches, our most well know reference sites being the Aviva Stadium, Dublin and the Ski Club of Ireland, Kilteran. These projects and many of our wall padding projects were custom made, however we also supply wall padding made in standard sizes and sections starting from 2mx1m.


Safety Wall Padding

School Safety Padding.

Much of our work comes from Irish Schools, Sports Clubs and Community Centres. Padding goal posts, mainly basketball, volleyball, rugby and football, dangerous corners, walls, pitch sides and fencing are top the list for these insitutions.


Safety Foam Features.

All of our safety padding/foams have the following features:

  • Our padding and cushioning systems are wrapped in a hygienic, easy clean vinyl.Irish Sports Safety Padding in Progress
  • Full range of colours and fabric finishes.
  • We supply standard safety padding in 2m x 1m sizes with a range of thicknesses.
  • Internally, special attention is given to all doors, windows and services within the room, ensuring maximum safety.
  • All our foams are fire retardant to relevant standards.


Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require additional safety padding information please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our marketing manager; We look forward to your email.


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Why Safety Padding Matters.


Wall Safety Padding Blog


 For Teachers and Schools Key Factors click here.


4 Key Safety Padding Characteristics.

Safety padding products are either ‘off the shelf’ or customised exactly to clients requirements which dictate the process of the padding project such as fabrication methods, type & density of foams, covering materials and the installation method to give a durable padding solution.

  1. Range of foam density; usually vary from 5mm to 450mm thickness
  2. All foams should be fire retardant to BS standards.
  3. Covers should be hygienic, antibacterial and made from materials such as tough vinyl.
  4. Range of colours and textured finishes.

We design and manufacture our Safety Padding from our premises in Co. Carlow. Our customers are normally sports venues, schools and commercial buildings through out Ireland.

Safety Padding Matters.

  • Protection & safety of children/staff/visitors
  • Protection of commercial property
  • Insurance implications

The photos on this blog post are from Fitness Suite installation in Dublin. Our safety padding projects are made to order and normally categorised as follows:

  1. Wall Safety Padding.
  2. Column/Pillar Safety Padding
  3. Corner Safety Padding.
  4. End walls of sports pitches and playgrounds
  5. Railings and fences
  6. Radiators and other protrusions

Our Satisfied Customers:

Aviva Stadium, Dublin      Ski Club of Ireland, Kilternan     UCC, Mardyke Arena
The HSE, nationwide     The Irish Prison Service,     The Dept of Education, nationwide



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If you require additional information you can visit our main website or if you would like Fitness Functions to visit your school or sports hall please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our marketing manager; We look forward to your email.



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Montessori School Safety Padding.

This week we fitted safety padding for a Montessori School in Dublin.
We were contacted around a week ago by Strand Montessori School, Sandymount, Dublin regarding the supply and installation of safety padding to a particular feature in their outdoor play area.
The feature in question was a large concrete pillar and the school thought it best to pad the pillar to prevent any possible accidents.
Fitness Functions designed, manufactured and fitted the customised safety padding within 7 days of the order.

The Safety Padding chosen.

The padding was manufactured using weatherproof impact padding wrapped in our heavy duty vinyl with a really strong velcro closure. The safety padding used was specifically designed to protect against impacts thus ensuring that no serious injuries will occur in the schools or play areas.

Our Safety Padding Features & Benefits.Montessori Safety Padding

The properties of the vinyl mean that it won’t rip or tear, it is completely water proof, it’s wipe clean and completely anti-bacterial meaning it’s the perfect material for this particular environment.

Fitness Functions manufacture different types of bespoke safety padding for many environments & clients.

  1. Crèche
  2. Montessori Schools,
  3. National and Second Level schools
  4. Sports venues
  5. Commercial premise

Types of Safety Padding.

We produce padding for columns, pillars, poles, railings, doorframes, sills and ledges can be padded in a way to offer maximum protection and great peace of mind.


  1. Aviva Stadium
  2. Ski Club of Ireland
  3. Oblates Basketball Hall
  4. Mardyke Arena
  5. Irish Health Executive
  6. Irish Prison Service


Fitting Service.

Our safety padding is made to measure and can be supplied for the customer to fit or our team of installers can complete the fitting for you.

Repair Service.

We also offer a service of re-covering any old padding you have so it reduces your costs and extends the life of your protective padding.

More Creche or Montessori Safety Padding information …

For more information on our safety padding just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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Safety Padding – Bespoke or Standard?

We’re often asked what type of sports safety padding we produce and the main differences. Well, we manufacture both standard and bespoke safety padding, they differ in terms of availability, technical specifications and pricing.

Standard Safety Padding.

The best examples of our standard safety padding would be our outdoor basketball padding designed to suit Department of Education outdoor basketball units for Irish schools & sports clubs. Others types of standard padding would Rugby, GAA goal post and wall padding. Generally we keep a constant stock of this type of padding.

Bespoke Safety Padding.

We have completed a number of bespoke projects, our most well known being the Ski Club of Ireland and Aviva Stadium. We produced almost 300 metres of padding for these venues, the padding produced was custom made and technically differed, as each client’s requirements were unique. Most of our bespoke work isn’t done on such a large scale, we work mostly with schools & sports clubs who require custom padding on items such as:

  1. Columns, pillars & window sills
  2. Corners of buildings
  3. Railing & fences
  4. Door jambs & arches

Contact Fitness Functions.

For more information on our safety padding just email Niall Clancy, Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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Outdoor Sports Equipment Brochure.


We have just finished putting together our customised 11 page Outdoor Sports Equipment Brochure. It’s ideal for Irish School & Sports Clubs.

This concise brochure features our main outdoor products all of which we can and do install in Irish School & Sports Club yards and outdoor areas.

The vast majority of this sports equipment is manufactured at our facilities in Tullow, Co. Carlow which means if our sports equipment customers have special requests we are able to facilitate them.

Should you wish to instantly download a free Outdoor Sports Equipment Brochure, just click  download.

This Outdoor Brochure features:

  1. Outdoor Basketball (Department of Education Specifications) Click to View Outdoor Basketball Set
  2. Goalposts (GAA, Rugby, Football)
  3. GAA Equipment (Hurleys, Helmets, Gaelic Football, ball stop netting)
  4. Volleyball Posts. (details on sockets, caps, uprights & nets)
  5. Sports Safety Padding. (Bespoke padding solutions)
  6. Tennis Posts. (details on sockets, caps, uprights & nets)
  7. Playground Markings. (Most popular markings, hopscotch, snakes & ladders and activity trails)

If you should require any further marketing information on any of our Sports Equipment, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or lo-call 1890-252-856)

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Sports Safety Padding – Aviva Stadium.

Aviva Stadium (formerly Lansdowne Road) re-opened on the 14th May 2010 and seat 50,000 spectators. It’s home to the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU).

Sports Safety Padding Installation.

We were asked early in 2011 to provide & install sports safety padding for the practice pitch at the Aviva Stadium. The padding will protect players from injury which may occur from the barriers. We supplied over 150 meters of sports safety padding, finished in an easily cleaned ‘dark green’ vinyl. We project managed all works relating to this sports safety padding, under a tight time schedule and on budget.

Fitness Functions produce standard & bespoke safety padding:

We provide sports safety padding for Irish schools and sports clubs in various circumstances and applications such as:

  • Sports post padding – Basketball, rugby/goal posts & wall padding.
  • Column or pillar padding – for bike sheds and covered areas.
  • Edge padding – for projecting brick work, corners of buildings.
  • Fence post padding – for protection where fencing is near to sports courts.
  • End wall padding – for the end, or side, wall of your sports hall where run off areas are limited.

For more (postal or digital) marketing information on our safety padding please contact Niall Clancy;


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Sports Safety Padding – Ski Club of Ireland.

The Ski Club of Ireland, based in Kilternan, South County Dublin is responsible for the promotion & development of skiing and snowboarding in Ireland.

Sports Safety Impact Padding.

Fitness Functions manufactured, supplied and installed the high impact padding for the Ski Club of Ireland’s 130 meter and nursery slopes. This type of padding will assist, redirect and protect any wayward skiers or snowboarders.

The specialist padding was finished in an easily cleaned vinyl covering while also taking into account weather-proof requirements. We project managed all works relating to this specialist padding and under a tight time schedule.

Ski Club of Ireland facilities:

  • 180m main slope
  • 130m intermediate slope
  • 2 dedicated nursery slopes with sprinkler system and travelator lift
  • 2 button lifts
  • Slopes are fully floodlit and lubricated by a misting system

Over the last few months they have significantly added to their facilities assisted by the Sports Council of Ireland. Approximately €1.5m has been invested in the site, these new facilities have been open to the public since the 6th November.

Fitness Functions produce various types of standard & bespoke padding:

  • Sports post padding – Basketball, rugby/goal posts & wall padding.
  • Column or pillar padding – for bike sheds and covered areas.
  • Edge padding – for projecting brick work, corners of buildings.
  • Fence post padding – for protection where fencing is near to sports courts.
  • End wall padding – for the end, or side, wall of your sports hall where run off areas are limited.

For more (postal or digital) marketing information on our safety padding please contact Niall Clancy;

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