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After over a decade of supplying and fitting indoor basketball units for Irish schools, GAA clubs and community centres, these units can be broadly broken down into two principal categories; Main and Practice basketball units.

Main Basketball Units.

These basketball units are usually found on either end of a sports hall and will facilitate competitive basketball matches.

1. Motorised ceiling mounted basketball units.

Dept. of Education specification (PE/594/31) with 1800mm x 1050mm Perspex boards, safety padding, spring loaded rings and brake cable safety devices.
This basketball option facilitates National League competitive basketball games and will retract back towards the ceiling when out of play. Most schools and community centres we have dealt with over the years would ideally prefer this option.
Ceiling Mtd Basketball

2. Main wall mounted units with Perspex backboards & spring loaded rings.

Main wall mounted side folding 1.75m up to 3.75m, 1800mm x 1050mm Perspex boards, safety padding and spring loaded rings.
When the ceiling mounted basketball option is not possible because of the sports hall structure/design or budget constraints we have installed these basketball units for a number of venues. National League basketball matches can be played using this specification.
Main basketball with Perspex


3. Main wall mounted side folding units with timber backboards.

Main wall mounted side folding units 1.75m up to 3.75m with 1800mm x 1050 timber backboards.
Schools & sports venues on a tighter budget maybe wish to forgo the Perspex backboards and break away rings while still being able to play competitive basketball matches. This indoor option however is not to National League standards.
Wall Mtd Side Folding with timber 1

Practice Basketball Units.

These units’ backboards are always the smaller 1200mm x 900mm and will be found on a sports halls side walls. There are normally four units in each sports hall for players to practice and hone their basketball skills.

 1. Practice side folding goals

Wall mounted practice side folding goals with up to 1.5m extensions and standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm.
These types of practice units with extensions of up to 1.5m from the wall allow players to practice their run up techniques. The units fold away either vertically or horizontally when not in use. They can also be fitted with height adjusters as an optional extra.
Practice side folding basketball

2. Practice fixed goals

Wall mounted practice side fixed goals with up to 1.5m extensions and standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm.
Again these types of practice units with extensions of up to 1.5m from the wall allow players to practice their run up techniques but remain in a fixed position from the wall. The height adjustor optional extra is again available for this indoor practice option.

Practice fixed basketball
3. Flat Fixed Basketball Practice Goals.

Standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm, timber battens to suit.

This practice basketball option is chosen when budgets are tightest but a school or sports facility still wants its players to practice their basketball skills. As there are no wall extensions, players can’t practice their run up techniques.
Practice flat fixed basketball


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Basketball line marking                     Outdoor basketball units.

Indoor Linemarking Sports FloorOutdoor Baskeball Units


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Sports Capital Grants 2014 Allocation, County by County.


Junior Minister for Sport Michael Ring within the last week has announced just over €40 million for 880 sports clubs and organisations throughout the country, below see the allocation list county by county, click here for the funding for non-local sporting clubs and organisations.
Dept of Transport, Tourism and Sport.


At just over €260,000 Longford received the least amount of funding and Dublin at over €8m received the most but it was less than budgeted for. It was noted that a number of Dublin applications weren’t made successfully and so the 1.1m budgeted amount was distributed between the other counties.


Naturally enough soccer, GAA, tennis and boxing clubs recieved the biggest allocations but minority sports were also well allocated for.

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2014 Sports Capital Programme
Local Grants Allocated
Organisation Amount Allocated
Carlow €​545,156.00
Askea Karate CLub €​6,500.00
Ballon Karate Club €​1,800.00
Ballymurphy Hall Ltd €​30,000.00
Carlow Cricket Club €​14,000.00
Carlow Dragon Boat Club €​9,356.00
Carlow Gymnastics Club €​10,000.00
Carlow/Graiguecullen Subaqua Club €​40,000.00
Cuchulainn Rounders Club €​2,000.00
Fighting Cocks GFC €​70,000.00
Hanover Harps FC €​60,000.00
Leighlin Parish Sports Grounds Development Committee €​50,000.00
Mount Leinster Rangers GAA Club €​10,000.00
O’Hanrahans GFC €​80,000.00
Old Leighlin Community Support Ltd. €​50,000.00
Rathvilly GAA Club €​30,000.00
Setanta GAA Ceatharlach €​7,000.00
Tinryland G.F.C. €​20,000.00
Tullow Active Retirement Association €​2,500.00
Tullow Amateur Boxing Club €​8,000.00
Tullow RFC €​30,000.00
Vale Wanderers Football Club €​14,000.00
Cavan €​681,110.00
3rd Cavan Virginia Scouting Group €​10,000.00
Bailieborough Leisure Centre €​25,000.00
Bailieborough Shamrocks GFC €​23,000.00
Ballyhaise Celtic Soccer Club €​5,000.00
Ballyhaise GAA Club €​57,000.00
Cavan County Council €​80,000.00
Cavan Triathalon Club €​3,310.00
Cootehill Celtic GAA €​9,000.00
Cornafean GFC €​21,000.00
Crosserlough GFC €​100,000.00
Cuman Gael an Chabhain (Cavan Gaels GAA Club) €​110,000.00
Drumalee €​70,000.00
Focus Family Resource Centre €​1,800.00
Killygarry GAA €​80,000.00
Kilnaleck Handball Club €​40,000.00
Loch Gowna G.A.A. Club €​40,000.00
Virginia Boxing Club €​6,000.00
Clare €​1,036,609.00
Avenue United FC €​18,000.00
Ballina Killaloe Sports & Community Facilities Developmen €​90,000.00
Bridge United AFC €​40,000.00
Clarecastle Sports Complex €​20,000.00
Kildysart GAA €​120,000.00
Kilmaley GAA Club €​118,000.00

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Fitness Equipment

Community Centre Fitness Equipment, Wexford.

Very recently we have completed a sports & fitness installtion for Astro Active Community Centre, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. We supplied numerous fitness equipment pieces for the fitness suite,  fitted main wall basketball units which allows matches to be played to National League standard and also line marked the sports hall with 6 courts.

Astro Active Background.

Astro Active is a community based multi-sports facility for use by those with disabilities and members of the community. The Sports Field Development Programme was launched in 1998 with the levelling, draining and reseeding of the field adjacent to our premises. This was further expanded in 2003 due to the purchase of an adjacent premises which was to be used as an indoor sports complex. The aim of the project was to provide a multi-sports facility for use by members of the community and those with disabilities in the South East.

AstroActiveFitnesseq2 AstroActiveBasketballAstroActiveFitnesseq


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Basketball Padding Special Offer

Basketball Post Padding – Removable or Permanent?

When schools and sports clubs contact us regarding their safety post padding requirements, the conversation will always come down to one of two options; removable post padding that must be taken away after use or permanent post padding that will be left out in all weather. We manufacture both types of padding, specifically made for Department of Education Outdoor Basketball sets, in our premises in Co. Carlow.

Irish Sports Safety Padding


Removable Post Padding.

Our removable post padding incorporates Velcro backing to securely hold the basketball padding in place when in use. The Velcro also allows the padding to be very quickly attached/removed. Every school/sports club is different, some have issues with their courts being used after hours. Removing the basketball padding may make things less attractive to after hours visitors. The two main disadvantages to removable / Velcro safety padding are that the teacher/supervisor may find it annoying to constantly bring the padding in and out, (when they find it in the store room). The Velcro strip also isn’t as robust as the eyelets, with time and use the Velcro will wear.


Permanent post padding
basketball post padding

Permanent post padding comes in the form of approximately ten eyelets punched in the back of the padding and secured in place with cable ties. This type of padding is water proof,  has a range of easily cleaned covers and can be left out in all weathers. On balance this safety padding option proves to be more popular with schools and clubs. Once its secured in place, it stays there throughout the year.


Basketball Post Padding Special Offer.
 special offer

The school year is almost at an end, state exams across the country have started today so we have decided now would be a good time to extend a special offer.


Claiming your free Outdoor Basketball Padding?

To avail of this offer simply mention/reference ‘Blog Basketball Padding Offer’ when ordering, email

We’re offering only 10 sets of our Outdoor Basketball Safety Padding, worth (€240 – Vat & Delivery) at €210 until July 4th. So which ever comes first. When the 10 sets are gone – they’re gone!


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Sports Floors & Line Marking

Sports Floors in Ireland.

We have worked with schools & sports clubs for over ten years in providing new sports floor solutions and renovating their old timber sports floors. In both cases with have also provided the sports court line marking to provide our customers with a ‘ready to play’ sportshall, once we have finished.

New Sports Floor Solutions.

Over the last eighteen months have installed snapsports modular sports floors in Cork, Galway and Westmeath for a school, community centre and GAA club, respectively. Snapsports is globally recognised as a leading modular sports floor provider for both indoor & outdoor, for over thirty five years.


Clonkill GAA Club, Westmeath

Clonkill GAA Club, Westmeath

Carraroe Community Centre, Galway

Carraroe Community Centre, Galway


Key points & benefits.

Installation. All Irish sports floors took no longer than four days to install.  See installation video below.

Cost. Snapsports modular floors are significantly less costly than traditional wooden sports floors.

Guarantee.  A 12 year full guarantee ensures every customer can make a confident buying decision.

Approval. SnapSports surfaces have been accredited by the following sports organisations; FIBA (basketball), USFF (Unites States Futsal Federation), USA Team Handball, Special Olympics and the ITF (International Tennis Federation). Snapsports flooring systems were used by the U.S. Olympic teams in London 2012.


Renovating Older Timber Sports Floors.

Fitness Functions has overseen many school timber sports floor renovation projects over the years. We bring dull and worn sports floors back to life.

Sports Floor Renovating Process.sports floor renovation

  1. Thoroughly sand the sports floor
  2. Apply 2 coats of sports specific lacquer
  3. Apply sports court lines
  4. Apply final top coat of lacquer to seal the lines.

Normally we would apply sports line marking for 4-8 courts; 4 x badminton courts, 1 x 5-a-side court, 1 x basketball court, 1 x volleyball.


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Celing Mounted Basketball Units

Ceiling Basketball & Wall Mounted Main Basketball Goals.

As part of our series of in depth focus on Dept of Education sports equipment products, in this blog post we are looking at indoor Basketball Units.

Basketball Match Goals PE/30.

A standard new school’s PE hall will be equipped with the list of equipment in the 406 or 594 Department of Education packages. The most substantial item on the list is the PE30 Ceiling Mounted Basketball Goal.

Ceiling Mounted Basketball Unit (Department of Education Specification)


Electrically Operated with Brake Cable Safety Device. To European Standard EN 1270 Electric motor complete with Enclosed Limit Switches at both extremities of travel. Structural steelwork in roof (provided by PE Equipment Supplier)

Framework and Playing Positions.

Usually 80 mm x 40 mm box section or equal approved but if span is greater than 5m a composite beam made from 2 No. 40 mm x 40 mm rails separated by 200 mm to 300 mm is required for adequate rigidity (or equal approved by the design team).
When the structure is in the playing positions, the horizontal and vertical movements shall be in accordance with the FIBA regulations. Hanging steel frames made from 40 mm x 40 mm x 2 mm box section, a single arm 100 mm round tube, telescopic tubing or equal approved. If the drop length is greater than 4 m, a composite beam is required as above. The requirement to comply with I.S. EN 1270 will determine the design criteria and in particular in relation to the horizontal and vertical movement of the frame when Basketball Goals,subjected to the playing loads. This steelwork can be installed after the handing over of the building to the client as long as access to the roof girders is not made impossible by gable walls or false ceilings or other structure or fitting. In particular, the positioning of radiant panels must be carefully selected to suit the Basketball Goal design. This work should be co-ordinated between the Design Team, the Main Contractor and PE Equipment Supplier. The PE Supplier should consult the roof drawings before submitting tenders.


Backboard: 1800 mm x 1050 mm made from 12 mm Perspex. Must include a backing frame to transfer the load from the ring back through the board to prevent the Perspex cracking. Must include a spring loaded ring, breakaway load at 105 kg I.S. EN 1270 Standard, which allows the ring to deflect approximately 30 degrees and return to normal when the load is removed.
Safety padding, screw on type, to be fitted to the base of the board and up the sides by 300 mm.
Brake Cable Safety Device.
This safety device is approved for the ceiling suspended goal and imposed by the Standard – I.S. EN 360. Cable Model for high ceilings. Automatic cable winding and unwinding. Braking at 200 mm to protect against impact in the event of goal cable system falling. Fastening by safety snap hook.
Electrical Services Required (provided by others):
Motorised Ceiling Basketball goals at each end. The control Key Switches for these units will be in the Store room or the Instructors office and therefore all necessary wiring to be fitted to allow the units to be operated safely Provide 2 off 65 x 65 x 50 mm boxes and associated key operated switches, for connection to the motors provided by the PE equipment Supplier. The switch boxes
should be positioned so that it is possible to observe the operation of both basketball units from the switching position. Provide a four core plus earth cable from the above boxes to roof level for both ceiling mounted units. Each motor for the units has a rating typically not exceeding 250 W. The PE Equipment Supplier to supply a circuit diagram.

Other options.

Alternatively if the design of the hall does not allow Ceiling Basketball units we can provide the PE29 Wall Mount Basketball Goal. Made to meet NL standards the wall unit can be made to fold sideways with a locking system or stored vertically by means of a manual or electrically operated winch. These units start from €1,800 per pair.


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sports hall divisonal net - Rathmines, Dublin.


Sports Hall Netting

Over the past 10 years we have supplied and fitted countless netting systems in sport halls throughout Ireland for schools, GAA clubs, community centres and sports clubs.

Sports Netting Systems.

These indoor netting systems allow sporting venues to divide their sports halls in various ways to optimise space and play numerous games/sports at the same time.

Golf Clubs & Centres.

We also supply netting for golf clubs and centers for indoor and outdoor applications.

Department of Education Divisional Nets.

The Department of Education indoor 594 package references the divisional net as PE 594/39 and states:


Divisional Net c/w Hanging Bag.sports hall divisonal net, Dublin

Net: Width and height (determined by size of hall) , lower section 2 m

green canvas, remainder in 22 mm K-K green mesh nylon netting. All

best quality knotless nylon, corded top and both sides with 50 mm

protective canvas, band at bottom with wall bag. Lanyards, for ease of

adjustment. To be fitted at appropriate centres across the full width of

Hall. . Flame retardant canvas and netting.

Note: Larger mesh size is not suitable as it will allow the penetration of

shuttles etc. to adjacent courts.

Trackway: To comply with BS 1892-2.11: 1989

Extruded aluminium section.  Length determined by size of hall.

Complete with levelling hangers, trolleys, net clips and fixings. Trackway

to be rigidly fixed in such a way that no vertical or horizontal movement

is possible.

Note : Normally the net is suspended underneath a central main roof

structural steel member which is accessible and not obstructed by light

fittings and radiant panels. Roof drawings should be made available to

PE Supplier to confirm that this is so.


Contact Fitness Functions.

Each sports hall in Ireland is unique and as such, the divider netting fitting & installation is customised to suit the individual sports venue dimensions and requirements.


Should you require advice, pricing or quotations in relation to the Sports Divisional Nets don’t hesitate to email Niall Clancy (, Lo-call 1890-252-856 or visit our main website





€40M announced by Minister Ring for 2014 round of Sports Capital Programme

Its a new year and a new round of sports grants have been announced  by Minister Ring for 2014 (see Press Release below). The important dates to remember are:

  • Open for applications from 12 noon on Friday 17th January;
  • Closed for registration at 5pm on Friday 7th February;
  • Closed for applications at 5pm on Friday 28th February.


A new online system, introduced last year, called OSCAR (Online Sports Capital Register). Clubs and organisations are requested to register now if they wish to apply for funding under the Sports Capital fund this year. Failure to register will mean that sports organisations will not be able to apply for funding in 2014.

To register using the OSCAR system follow this link

Press Release.

Sunday 22nd December 2013

A new €40 million fund for important sports capital projects has been announced today by Minister of State for Tourism and Sport Michael Ring.

The Sports Capital Programme is the main channel of Government support for developing sports facilities and purchasing sports equipment for sports clubs and organisations across Ireland.

“The 2014 Sports Capital Programme will again provide much needed capital funding for sporting organisations throughout the country. The 2012 Programme saw a record number of applications and we are acutely aware of the very high level of demand that exists for such grants.  I am delighted to announce that we will be making allocations totalling €40 million next year.  Under the programme pitches will be drained, floodlights will be installed, sports halls will be improved and dressing rooms will be built.  Thanks to these grants, people will have more opportunities than ever to get active and stay active in a wide range of sports. It will also have a positive impact on job creation in construction,” Minister Ring said.

The terms and conditions of the programme have been finalised and it will open for applications on 17th January 2014.    Applications for the 2014 programme will only be accepted online, and organisations must be registered in order to apply.”

  • Open for applications from 12 noon on Friday 17th January;
  • Closed for registration at 5pm on Friday 7th February;
  • Closed for applications at 5pm on Friday 28th February.



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Sports Safety Padding


4 Key safety padding characteristics teachers should know.


Number One. Fit for Purpose.

To provide the most appropriate safety padding solution in terms of density, foam thickness, covers and fixing methods, teachers should be clear about what the safety padding is required for. For example, is it padding to suit school radiators or  padding at the end of a sports hall wall used for sprinting?

Column / Pillar Safety padding


Number Two. Safety Padding Fitting & Installation.

Most schools we deal with prefer that we install the padding solutions but it is not always necessary. The ‘supply only’ option helps to keep the costs to a minimum for schools that requires safety padding. The factors that determine safety padding installation are:

1. Quantity.

2. Project complexity.

3. School location.

These are the main factors we consider when advising a school on our safety padding installation services.

Number Three. Safety Padding Leads Times.

Our standard safety padding such post padding for basketball or rugby posts are normally in stock and delivery would be with 2-3 days.

Calling to the School.

Our made to measure or customised safety padding solutions for schools would require that we firstly visit the school, and follow up with a quotation. If the school is satisfied and places an order we get ready to start manufacturing their safety padding. The process to this point can be done within 2 weeks.

The safety padding manufacturing process usually requires 1-2 weeks and this then ready to be either supplied or installed. Our safety padding can be supplied within a week but for the installation service we ask schools to allow approximately 2-3 weeks for scheduling.

To summarise, from initial school contact the supply of our customised safety padding requires 4-5 weeks. If our installation service is required, the whole process requires a total of  7 weeks, under normal conditions.

Number Four. Range of Colours & Finishes.

Without question the priority of safety padding in the school environment is of a functional nature; protection of children, staff and school property. That said, there’s no reason that your safety padding shouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing and finished in a way that fits seamlessly into the school environment. We have a range of safety colours, materials and finishes which we advise from.

Our Satisfied Customers:

Aviva Stadium, Dublin      Ski Club of Ireland, Kilternan     UCC, Mardyke Arena,

Waterford Football Club, 

The HSE, nationwide     The Irish Prison Service,     The Dept of Education, nationwide

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Waterford FC - Safety Padding


Football Club Safety Padding, Co. Waterford.


1. Football Club’s Brief.

Waterford football club had issues with run off areas and fencing surrounding their new synthetic pitch. They estimated that they required 40-60 metres of durable, hard wearing Sports Safety Padding and approached Fitness Functions through Waterford County Council. As the run off areas and fencing were at different heights & angles the safety padding had to accommodate this.


2. Our Safety Padding Solution.

After consulting with the Football Club and reviewing various possibilities we decided on 70mm high impact, water resistant & easily cleaned pads at varying heights of 4ft and 6ft. This specification of padding was quite similar to the Aviva Stadium Safety Padding we installed some time ago.

3. On Site Installation Details 

A combination of masonry fixings, steel brackets and timber batons were used on the fences and solid end walls to securely fix our safety padding. This project required two men over two days.

4. Care & Maintenance.

The safety padding we installed is covered with heavy duty, easily cleaned vinyl which means the football club efforts in active care and maintenance of these safety pads are at an absolute minimum.

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