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After over a decade of supplying and fitting indoor basketball units for Irish schools, GAA clubs and community centres, these units can be broadly broken down into two principal categories; Main and Practice basketball units.

Main Basketball Units.

These basketball units are usually found on either end of a sports hall and will facilitate competitive basketball matches.

1. Motorised ceiling mounted basketball units.

Dept. of Education specification (PE/594/31) with 1800mm x 1050mm Perspex boards, safety padding, spring loaded rings and brake cable safety devices.
This basketball option facilitates National League competitive basketball games and will retract back towards the ceiling when out of play. Most schools and community centres we have dealt with over the years would ideally prefer this option.
Ceiling Mtd Basketball

2. Main wall mounted units with Perspex backboards & spring loaded rings.

Main wall mounted side folding 1.75m up to 3.75m, 1800mm x 1050mm Perspex boards, safety padding and spring loaded rings.
When the ceiling mounted basketball option is not possible because of the sports hall structure/design or budget constraints we have installed these basketball units for a number of venues. National League basketball matches can be played using this specification.
Main basketball with Perspex


3. Main wall mounted side folding units with timber backboards.

Main wall mounted side folding units 1.75m up to 3.75m with 1800mm x 1050 timber backboards.
Schools & sports venues on a tighter budget maybe wish to forgo the Perspex backboards and break away rings while still being able to play competitive basketball matches. This indoor option however is not to National League standards.
Wall Mtd Side Folding with timber 1

Practice Basketball Units.

These units’ backboards are always the smaller 1200mm x 900mm and will be found on a sports halls side walls. There are normally four units in each sports hall for players to practice and hone their basketball skills.

 1. Practice side folding goals

Wall mounted practice side folding goals with up to 1.5m extensions and standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm.
These types of practice units with extensions of up to 1.5m from the wall allow players to practice their run up techniques. The units fold away either vertically or horizontally when not in use. They can also be fitted with height adjusters as an optional extra.
Practice side folding basketball

2. Practice fixed goals

Wall mounted practice side fixed goals with up to 1.5m extensions and standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm.
Again these types of practice units with extensions of up to 1.5m from the wall allow players to practice their run up techniques but remain in a fixed position from the wall. The height adjustor optional extra is again available for this indoor practice option.

Practice fixed basketball
3. Flat Fixed Basketball Practice Goals.

Standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm, timber battens to suit.

This practice basketball option is chosen when budgets are tightest but a school or sports facility still wants its players to practice their basketball skills. As there are no wall extensions, players can’t practice their run up techniques.
Practice flat fixed basketball


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Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require more detailed indoor basketball information or pricing please do not hesitate to contact us, email our marketing manager;, visit our website or low call us on 1890-252-856. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Basketball Padding Special Offer

Basketball Post Padding – Removable or Permanent?

When schools and sports clubs contact us regarding their safety post padding requirements, the conversation will always come down to one of two options; removable post padding that must be taken away after use or permanent post padding that will be left out in all weather. We manufacture both types of padding, specifically made for Department of Education Outdoor Basketball sets, in our premises in Co. Carlow.

Irish Sports Safety Padding


Removable Post Padding.

Our removable post padding incorporates Velcro backing to securely hold the basketball padding in place when in use. The Velcro also allows the padding to be very quickly attached/removed. Every school/sports club is different, some have issues with their courts being used after hours. Removing the basketball padding may make things less attractive to after hours visitors. The two main disadvantages to removable / Velcro safety padding are that the teacher/supervisor may find it annoying to constantly bring the padding in and out, (when they find it in the store room). The Velcro strip also isn’t as robust as the eyelets, with time and use the Velcro will wear.


Permanent post padding
basketball post padding

Permanent post padding comes in the form of approximately ten eyelets punched in the back of the padding and secured in place with cable ties. This type of padding is water proof,  has a range of easily cleaned covers and can be left out in all weathers. On balance this safety padding option proves to be more popular with schools and clubs. Once its secured in place, it stays there throughout the year.


Basketball Post Padding Special Offer.
 special offer

The school year is almost at an end, state exams across the country have started today so we have decided now would be a good time to extend a special offer.


Claiming your free Outdoor Basketball Padding?

To avail of this offer simply mention/reference ‘Blog Basketball Padding Offer’ when ordering, email

We’re offering only 10 sets of our Outdoor Basketball Safety Padding, worth (€240 – Vat & Delivery) at €210 until July 4th. So which ever comes first. When the 10 sets are gone – they’re gone!


Claiming your special offer Outdoor Basketball Padding?

To avail of this exclusive BLOG offer simply mention/reference ‘Basketball Padding Offer when ordering. Lo-call 1890-252-856 or directly email

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If you have any queries or questions regarding Sports Basketball Padding for your School, GAA Club or Community Centre, don’t hesitate to email, Lo-call 1890-252-856 or visit our website

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Outdoor Basketball Court Dimensions.


Oudoor Basketball Header

This is one of the shortest blog posts we’ve ever written but over the last 2 weeks we’ve been asked by school teachers and builders the dimensions to outdoor basketball so here it is. (click 3 times to get the best view)

Department of Education Basketball Sets.

The Department of Education have also got a standards & spec for Irish Schools including dimensions for its outdoor basketball posts, to view them click here.


Outdoor Basketball Court Dimensions.


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If you need us to call out to your School or Sports Facility or require additional, basketball sets, basketball rings or backboard information please do not hesitate to contact us, email our marketing manager; or visit or website We look forward to hearing from you.

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Irish Builders Outdoor Basketball Installation Guide.


Outdoor Basketball Collage


Fitness Functions have supplied countless main contractors in recent years with Outdoor Basketball sets for new build Irish schools & colleges which conform to the Department of Education Outdoor Specifications. As we manufacture these sets in our premises in Co. Carlow, they’re always in stock and ready to ship directly to site.

Outdoor Basketball (PEO/150) parts list (c/w)

  1. - ground socket (2)Outdoor Basketball with Safety Padding.
  2. - insert caps (2)
  3. - upright 88.9mm pole (2)
  4. - extension arm with board bracket (2)
  5. - 4ft x 3ft back board (2)
  6. - heavy duty ring and net (2)
  7. - protective padding (2) (optional)
  8. - pack fixings & safety labels (optional)

Basketball Sockets Ordering & Delivery.

When a Builder places on order for a Basketball set (s) we organise delivery to site. These basketball sockets are often required on short notice especially if theresa new asphalt basketball court involved that no one wants to dig up !!

Outdoor School Basketball Installation Guidelines

  1. Install ground sockets at correct locations. If basketball court is unmarked check with architect or client for clarification. Each basketball socket requires hole size of min 500mm diameter and approximately 900mm depth. Ensure the basketball socket is set level with ground after installation. Concrete should be painted after installation. Vital: it is essential that ground sockets are correctly installed to ensure basketball poles are upright.
  2. Court size; sockets should be set 28m apart where possible, but at least 1m from end fences/walls. If necessary reduce court size to allow adequate safety runoff.
  3. Allow basketball sockets to settle for a minimum of 48 hours before assembling the goals. Two men should assemble the units. First place extension arm over the upright, lock the arm to the pole at approximately 4ft.
  4. Now, the board and ring should be attached to the basketball extension arm using the bolts supplied. Ensure the basketball board is level and plumb. Black target box should be towards the bottom of board-top of ring should line up with bottom line of small rectangle box (150mm from bottom of back board).
  5. Using a step ladder and bracing bar, bring the basketball board/arm/ring combination to the correct height. Lock the grub screws/bolts into position using allen key/19mm ratchet.
  6. The correct height from ground of the basketball ring is 10ft for seniors and 8ft6” for juniors.
  7. Ensure all bolts are fully tightened and attach safety warning labels to boards and/or uprights. Finally, attach safety padding (if supplied)

Contact Fitness Functions.

If you have any further queries or require some information regarding installation of outdoor basketball equipment please feel free to contact niall clancy,

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Outdoor Basketball Set 4 week exclusive offer.

The school year is all but over, exams guaranteeing once again good weather. However we are already looking forward to September when the schools return.

So to help out the manufacturing side of things all Outdoor Basketball Sets (or half set) orders placed before the 5th July 2013 can avail of 10% off the standard price of €1,000 (excluding VAT & Delivery) OR Free Basketball Safety Padding.

These Outdoor Basketball sets are:

  1. Made to Dept. of Education Standards.
  2. Consistently last over 25 years.

Basketball Posts 4 week offer.


How do I get my 4 week Outdoor Basketball Set offer?

1. Email me ( saying you wish to avail of this offer with your contact details and preferred delivery date.

2. Tell me which option you prefer:

- 10% Discount OR Free Safety Padding.

Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require additional, basketball sets, basketball rings or backboard information please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our marketing manager; We look forward to your email.

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Irish Basketball Backboards