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PE406/50 Indoor Line Marking.

Fitness Functions has carried out hundreds of projects direct from the Department of Education School Sports 406 and 594 packages, the Department allows for 7 courts to be painted for sports activities.


The official list comprises:

  • 1 x main basketball court
  • 1 x volleyball court
  • 4 x badminton courts
  • 1 x five a side football – set of penalty and goal circles

In general, we believe teachers should be aware of the following 7 factors.

1. Sports Hall Cleaning.

If the school has enlisted the services of a professional line marking company ensure the hall isn’t treated with detergents and soaps beforehand. The best preparation is to simply sweep the hall clean and ensure its as ‘dust free’ as possible.

2. Save Money/Value for Money.

We are often asked how much it costs to line mark one sports court for a school.

The answer and reality is that, it’s much better value for the school to get a number of sports courts marked at the same time. The main reason being the cost of labour. So deciding on the number of courts, what games will be played and ordering them all together will save the school a lot of effort and more money.

3. Existing Courts / Fading Courts.

Existing courts can be relined and remarked, in fact the majority of our work is to re line existing courts. The time involved is more or less the same but it may require some additional preparation work.

4. How long after the work are the courts playable?

Ideally the courts should be left for 2 full days however most schools use the the courts afters 24hours.

5. Court Sizing.

Sports Halls come in various sizes and the line marking professionals selected should be able to resize the courts back to the schools exact requirements.

6. Multi-Purpose Lines.

In the case of Primary Schools, the main sports courts may not be needed and as such multi-purpose lining is a much versatile and cost effective option.

7. What surfaces can be lined.

The majority of courts to be lined are either timber, vinyl or rubber. Although most professional court markings companies can line mark more surfaces. We line mark all the main surfaces and please feel free to contact us for specific situations.


If you have any queries or questions regarding Line Marking for your school don’t hesitate to email, Lo-call 1890-252-856 or visit our website

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