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After over a decade of supplying and fitting indoor basketball units for Irish schools, GAA clubs and community centres, these units can be broadly broken down into two principal categories; Main and Practice basketball units.

Main Basketball Units.

These basketball units are usually found on either end of a sports hall and will facilitate competitive basketball matches.

1. Motorised ceiling mounted basketball units.

Dept. of Education specification (PE/594/31) with 1800mm x 1050mm Perspex boards, safety padding, spring loaded rings and brake cable safety devices.
This basketball option facilitates National League competitive basketball games and will retract back towards the ceiling when out of play. Most schools and community centres we have dealt with over the years would ideally prefer this option.
Ceiling Mtd Basketball

2. Main wall mounted units with Perspex backboards & spring loaded rings.

Main wall mounted side folding 1.75m up to 3.75m, 1800mm x 1050mm Perspex boards, safety padding and spring loaded rings.
When the ceiling mounted basketball option is not possible because of the sports hall structure/design or budget constraints we have installed these basketball units for a number of venues. National League basketball matches can be played using this specification.
Main basketball with Perspex


3. Main wall mounted side folding units with timber backboards.

Main wall mounted side folding units 1.75m up to 3.75m with 1800mm x 1050 timber backboards.
Schools & sports venues on a tighter budget maybe wish to forgo the Perspex backboards and break away rings while still being able to play competitive basketball matches. This indoor option however is not to National League standards.
Wall Mtd Side Folding with timber 1

Practice Basketball Units.

These units’ backboards are always the smaller 1200mm x 900mm and will be found on a sports halls side walls. There are normally four units in each sports hall for players to practice and hone their basketball skills.

 1. Practice side folding goals

Wall mounted practice side folding goals with up to 1.5m extensions and standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm.
These types of practice units with extensions of up to 1.5m from the wall allow players to practice their run up techniques. The units fold away either vertically or horizontally when not in use. They can also be fitted with height adjusters as an optional extra.
Practice side folding basketball

2. Practice fixed goals

Wall mounted practice side fixed goals with up to 1.5m extensions and standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm.
Again these types of practice units with extensions of up to 1.5m from the wall allow players to practice their run up techniques but remain in a fixed position from the wall. The height adjustor optional extra is again available for this indoor practice option.

Practice fixed basketball
3. Flat Fixed Basketball Practice Goals.

Standard indoor basketball backboard, 1200mm x 900mm, timber battens to suit.

This practice basketball option is chosen when budgets are tightest but a school or sports facility still wants its players to practice their basketball skills. As there are no wall extensions, players can’t practice their run up techniques.
Practice flat fixed basketball


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Basketball line marking                     Outdoor basketball units.

Indoor Linemarking Sports FloorOutdoor Baskeball Units


Contact Fitness Functions.

Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require more detailed indoor basketball information or pricing please do not hesitate to contact us, email our marketing manager;, visit our website or low call us on 1890-252-856. We look forward to hearing from you.

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sports hall divisonal net - Rathmines, Dublin.


Sports Hall Netting

Over the past 10 years we have supplied and fitted countless netting systems in sport halls throughout Ireland for schools, GAA clubs, community centres and sports clubs.

Sports Netting Systems.

These indoor netting systems allow sporting venues to divide their sports halls in various ways to optimise space and play numerous games/sports at the same time.

Golf Clubs & Centres.

We also supply netting for golf clubs and centers for indoor and outdoor applications.

Department of Education Divisional Nets.

The Department of Education indoor 594 package references the divisional net as PE 594/39 and states:


Divisional Net c/w Hanging Bag.sports hall divisonal net, Dublin

Net: Width and height (determined by size of hall) , lower section 2 m

green canvas, remainder in 22 mm K-K green mesh nylon netting. All

best quality knotless nylon, corded top and both sides with 50 mm

protective canvas, band at bottom with wall bag. Lanyards, for ease of

adjustment. To be fitted at appropriate centres across the full width of

Hall. . Flame retardant canvas and netting.

Note: Larger mesh size is not suitable as it will allow the penetration of

shuttles etc. to adjacent courts.

Trackway: To comply with BS 1892-2.11: 1989

Extruded aluminium section.  Length determined by size of hall.

Complete with levelling hangers, trolleys, net clips and fixings. Trackway

to be rigidly fixed in such a way that no vertical or horizontal movement

is possible.

Note : Normally the net is suspended underneath a central main roof

structural steel member which is accessible and not obstructed by light

fittings and radiant panels. Roof drawings should be made available to

PE Supplier to confirm that this is so.


Contact Fitness Functions.

Each sports hall in Ireland is unique and as such, the divider netting fitting & installation is customised to suit the individual sports venue dimensions and requirements.


Should you require advice, pricing or quotations in relation to the Sports Divisional Nets don’t hesitate to email Niall Clancy (, Lo-call 1890-252-856 or visit our main website


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Outdoor Sports Equipment Brochure.


We have just finished putting together our customised 11 page Outdoor Sports Equipment Brochure. It’s ideal for Irish School & Sports Clubs.

This concise brochure features our main outdoor products all of which we can and do install in Irish School & Sports Club yards and outdoor areas.

The vast majority of this sports equipment is manufactured at our facilities in Tullow, Co. Carlow which means if our sports equipment customers have special requests we are able to facilitate them.

Should you wish to instantly download a free Outdoor Sports Equipment Brochure, just click  download.

This Outdoor Brochure features:

  1. Outdoor Basketball (Department of Education Specifications) Click to View Outdoor Basketball Set
  2. Goalposts (GAA, Rugby, Football)
  3. GAA Equipment (Hurleys, Helmets, Gaelic Football, ball stop netting)
  4. Volleyball Posts. (details on sockets, caps, uprights & nets)
  5. Sports Safety Padding. (Bespoke padding solutions)
  6. Tennis Posts. (details on sockets, caps, uprights & nets)
  7. Playground Markings. (Most popular markings, hopscotch, snakes & ladders and activity trails)

If you should require any further marketing information on any of our Sports Equipment, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or lo-call 1890-252-856)

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Irish Schools Sports Equipment.

In a heading, that’s exactly what Fitness Functions do; ‘Irish School Sports Equipment.’ Every so often we’re asked what we do and who we are. Well we’re based in Tullow, Co. Carlow.

We manufacture, supply and even install sports equipment in Ireland, principally for the school sports market but also sports halls & clubs, GAA clubs and community centres. We have been doing this for just about 10 years now. We’re sports equipment specialists.

Our “What We Do” brochure outlines in more detail and clearly what we offer our customers which they choose to receive by either post or email.

Overview of 'Fitness Functions'

‘Click’ image to request ‘What We Do Brochure’ >>


We specialise in the Supply of:

Our Sports Installation service:

Our ‘What We Do’ brochure. (Click to enlarge pages)

If you should require any pricing or information on our products please do not hesitate to contact our offices on Lo-Call 1890 252 856 or email Thanks for your time!

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Schools Outdoor Basketball & Goalpost Leaflet.

Recently we posted our Outdoor Basketball & ‘Goals for every game‘ flyer to Irish schools. We manufacture Outdoor Basketball to Department of Education specifications & can also supply the appropriate safety padding. All relevant standards are adhered to when manufacturing our Goalposts which come in a range of sizes, made from either steel or aluminium. We produce goalposts for all sports but mainly GAA, football and rugby.


If you haven’t received this leaflet and would like one either posted or emailed in a high quality version please contact us; lo-call 1890-252-856 or email


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Sports Equipment Catalogue & Playground Markings requests.

Unfortunately we have been encountering some technical difficulties with our main website request forms; not all of your Sports Equipment Catalogue, Playground Markings & GAA equipment website requests reached us. We’re now glad to say that this website request issue has been resolved and we have contacted all those who had submitted the following requests:

Sliotars (Hurling Balls)

‘Click’ for brochure.

Playground Markings

‘Click’ for brochure.

Overview of 'Fitness Functions'

‘Click’ for brochure

Sports Surfaces

‘Click for brochure








1. GAA pricelist request form

- click here for GAA information.

2. Playground Markings request from **

- click here for Playground markings information.

3. What We Do brochure request form

- click here for What We Do information.

4. Snapsports surfaces request form.

- click here for Snapsports surfaces information.


**Our Playground marking requests & pricelists are currently being emailed & posted. Thank you for your patience, sorry for any inconvenience and our sincere apologies.

If you have any further queries or questions please email

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Climbing Frames for Irish Schools and Clubs.
Fitness Functions can supply and install a full range of traditional climbing frames and gymnastic wall bars. Our own skilled craftsmen produce climbing frames to your exact requirements with safety and correct fitting procedures strictly adhered to.
Climbing frames are one of the most versatile items of equipment in any school or modern sports centre. We primarily make 2 types of climbing frames; ‘Y frame’ and ’2 panel’ climbing frames.

“Y” Type Climbing Frame.

Sample Y-Type climbing frame specification. (3 panels)
“Y” type climbing frame of 3 panels each approximately 2.75m high by 2.45m wide constructed of Grade “A” timber standards and 32mm diameter cross bars. To be colour powder coated.
No.1 panel: To have one only section with ladder spacing, one only rope ladder and one only vertical pole.
No2. panel: Four section wide, one only section to have approximately five only metal rings, the other panels to have cross bars to be at Wallbar/Window ladder spacings. (Colour powder coated.)
No.3 panel: Four sections wide with alloy cross bars to be at Wallbar/Windowladder spacings. (Colour powder coated.) “Y” frame to be held secure in the outworking position by stay wires and tension handle, all folding back against the wall when not in use.

2 Panel Climbing Frame.

Sample 2 Panel Hinged Agility unit climbing frame specification:
Comprising of two panels approximately 3000mm high by 2450mm wide. Each four sections wide, constructed in Grade “A” timber standards and approximately 12 only 3mm diameter alloy tubes at wallbar /window ladder spacings.
Units to hinge from the wall at 90 degs and held secure by means of stay wires and quick release handle, connected at top outside standard by 63mm diameter steel tube. The unit to fold back against the wall and held in locking position when not in use. (With 3 best hemp climbing ropes.)
All metal crossbars and fittings colour powder coated, 3 primary colours. For more (postal or digital) marketing information on these climbing frames contact Niall Clancy;

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Overview of 'Fitness Functions'

Sports Equipment Supply and Installation – It’s what we do.


We have dealt with various Irish schools, sports centres, teachers, sports managers, architects and builders over a number of years supplying and/or installing differing types of sports equipment. Our customers have enquired on a number of occasions what exactly do we do in the sports game? Recently we created a “What We Do” 6 page brochure, just email post or email you one. This brochure is image based and gives an introduction to the services and sport ranges we provide.

Fitness Functions is best described under 3 headings:

1. Sports Equipment Supply

Our Sports Equipment Catalogue covers most school & sports clubs commercial sports ‘reoccurring’ requirements. All sports products have images and descriptions so you can be sure what you’re purchasing.

2. Sports Equipment Installation.

Our team of installers apply and install items such as Playground Markings, Sports Hall equipment (Basketball Units, Scoreboards etc) and Outdoor Sports Equipment.

3. Manufacture / Supply & Install Specialist sports equipment.

We manufacture certain sports products, as required, to Department of Education standards and specifications, items such as Outdoor Basketball and Volleyball posts. We also provide top international sports equipment for volleyball, gymnastic and athletics.

All of these areas are covered in the “What We Do” brochure, it’s a great starting point if you’re wondering if Fitness Functions could be of service to you. Should you require any more marketing information please contact our Marketing Manager, Niall Clancy;

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Recently Fitness Functions were awarded the contract to install our equipment in the newly built sports hall in Davitt College, Castlebar for Co. Mayo V.E.C.

Included in this installation will be ceiling mounted basketball goals, cross court basketball goals, gymnastics equipment including vaulting apparatus and landing modules, along with a divisional curtain, table tennis equipment to name some sports items.

We are now looking forward to completing the project for the school and the VEC.

If your school is getting a new sports hall in the future why not give us a call and we can talk to you and take you through some of the key factor involved in such a large project. As with all of our advice and site vists there is no cost involved for you or your school.

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How to install outdoor tennis posts in Irish schools & sports clubs.

Outlined below please see an outdoor tennis ‘Parts’ list and our installation steps.

Department of Education PEO/150 Outdoor Tennis parts list

  1. tennis ground sockets (92mm internal diameter) (2)
  2. tennis caps (2)
  3. tennis upright posts, (89mm external diameter) (2)
  4. tennis external winder (1)
  5. tennis net, 2.5 mm twine (1)

Step 1 – Tennis Posts Positioning:

Determine the correct positions to install the tennis ground sockets. Tennis posts are set 42’ apart for a doubles court and this measurement is made from the center of one post to the center of the other. Also, take into account tennis line marking dimensions and allow for at least 1m for an adequate run-off safety area.

Step 2 – Tennis Ground Sockets installation:

Each tennis socket requires a hole size of minimum 500 mm diameter and approximately 400 mm depth. Ensure tennis socket is set level with the ground after installation, use a spirit level. At this point, pour the concrete into the hole surrounding the tennis sockets making sure the tennis caps are covering the tennis sockets. It is essential that tennis ground sockets are correctly installed to ensure the tennis poles are upright. Allow tennis sockets to settle for a minimum of 48 hours before setting up the tennis posts.

Step 3 – Tennis Post set up:

Tennis posts & nets should be set up by an adult. Remove the tennis caps and place the tennis upright posts into the tennis sockets. Now attach the tennis net to the external winder.  Measure the height of the net near the posts. The top of the net tape should be approximately 42 inches from the ground.

Tenis Posts Safety Notes:

Inspect the tennis winder and tennis nets at regular intervals. Children should not climb on the tennis posts and should always be supervised using any sports equipment. An adult is required for set up.

Hopefully this information concerning outdoor tennis installation & set for Irish schools and sports clubs was helpful.

If you require any further information or literure on installing outdoor tennis or indeed tennis equipment in general please don’t hesitate to contact niall clancy, marketing;

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