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Playground Markings for Schools

Playground Markings for Schools.

Recently, we have been handling a number of calls regarding playground markings for schools. The main queries school teachers have seem to revolve around three main issues, please see the points below.Playground Markings & Children Cover

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1. What type of playground markings do we provide for schools?

Typically we use ‘preformed thermoplastic markings’ or a ‘non slip paint’ option. The main differences are:

Preformed Thermoplastic Markings.

  1. High quality, bright & vibrant colours.
  2. Long lasting durability.
  3. Non slip.
  4. Customised designs available.


Non slip paint.

  1. Lower cost.
  2. Easier & quicker application.
  3. Wide range of colours.

2. How soon can you apply the playground markings in my school?

As the Irish weather is so unpredictable we strive to turn around orders in 2-3 weeks from order date, weather permitting. We operate a ‘first ordered, first completed’ system regarding playground markings.

To achieve the best results, playground markings must be done under the correct weather conditions. Playgrounds should be dry, between the correct temperature range (5-25 Celsius) and the surface area should be in reasonably good condition.

3. How much do playground markings cost?

We don’t have a minimum order value unlike the industry practice, which can amount to €3,000. There are a few factors which determine the cost of playground markings in your school yard but the main factors are:

a) Playground Marking type.

Are thermoplastic markings or non slip paint the preferred option?  Maybe a combination of both is best.

b) Fixed & variable costs.

Generally speaking the installation cost is set; it doesn’t increase proportionally with regards to the number of markings ordered or the school’s location.

The more markings a school orders the cheaper per installed marking the order becomes, this is how a school gets real value for their investment.

More Playground Markings information.

For more information on our Playground Markings just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, niall@fitnessfunctions.ie or lo-call 1890-252-856.


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