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Playground Markings; Top 7 things all Irish Teachers need to know.

Over the years Fitness Functions has advised hundreds of teachers and numerous schools on their playground markings enquiries. Consistently a number of topics come up time and again. Below we have listed the ‘top 7 things every Irish Teacher needs to know’ when deciding on Playground Markings for their school.

  1. Life expectancy. Teachers understandably want to know how long their markings will last. Markings can last anywhere from 2 to over 15 years. There are no guarantees, as it depends on factors such as footfall, surface conditions but the type of playground markings chosen has the biggest impact on how long the markings will last.
  2. Types of Markings. The choice of playground markings comes down to either vibrant ‘Thermoplastic’ solid colours with a life span of 12-15 years or “Specialised Paint’ featuring more basic games which may last for a few years.
  3. Safety. Our thermoplastic and specialised paint are both ‘non slip’. We also advise on the nature of games in relation to space, play area borders and age groups. This practical experience gained over the years regarding safely laying out the yard is of the utmost importance. Read more…

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Spring Time is ‘Healthy & Active’ Playground Markings Time!

This month started and ended with snow down here in Co. Carlow but we’re an optimistic lot and we know with the longer, brighter days the heat will return. I said we’re ‘positive’ thinkers!

This time of year schools & community centres thoughts usually turn to outdoor activities. Thermoplastic playground markings are an attractive, healthy, long term answer when it comes to adding fun and stimulating games for all children. The vibrant colours, exciting patterns and games are certain to get children active during playtime.

SPRING OFFER “FREE Hopscotch Solid” (valued at €195)” with all orders over €1,700. Offers must be placed before 31st May 2013. Standard T&C’s apply.

How do I get the Spring Playground Markings offer?

1. Click download to instantly download a Pricing & Packages brochure.

2. Then contact us for a personalised quote on the exact markings you wish to order:

Read more…

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Playground Markings in Dublin, Limerick, Cork & Monaghan.

Rain, hail, sleet or snow …. or one of the wettest summers on record. The summer of 2012 might be remembered for the summer that wasn’t, even in the context of Irish summers. However, Fitness Functions still managed to cover the 4 four corners of Ireland and applied thermoplastic playground markings to many primary schools.

The most popular playground designs and markings were Snakes & Ladders, Hopscotch, Activity Trails, Dartboards, Number Throw and Compasses. We also completed some indoor sports hall work in the form of Sports Linemarking.

Below please see some images from the following schools, St. Lelia Primary School, Limerick,  Presentation Primary Girls School, Maynooth, Kildare, Scoil Mhuire, Monaghan, St. Kevins, Greystones, Co Wicklow and Archbishop Ryan School, Lucan, Dublin.


 More Playground Markings information…

To instanly dowload our Playground Markings Brochure click download and for more information and personalised quote  just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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Playground Markings during an ‘Irish’ Summer.

‘It’s has been the wettest June on record’ according to Met Eireann. Despite all this rain we have completed a number of Playground Marking projects for schools all around the country.  We’re keeping optimistic here and believe that with the schools now off and an improvement in the country’s weather we will be able complete many more Playground Marking jobs before September.

Playground Markings & Children Cover


Download instantly, a Playground Markings Brochure by clicking the Image.


As usual, we like to keep you up to date with our progress so you can view our latest Playground Markings below, completed in Thermoplastic & Paint. To learn more about the differences click here.








More Playground Markings information.

For more information on our Playground Markings just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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Playground Markings in Newcastle West, Limerick.

We’ve just completed another school playground markings project; Scoil Naomh Iosaf, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. This time of year is when our playground marking service for Irish primary schools is most active.

Life expectancy.

We installed the thermoplastic markings for Scoil Naomh Iosaf last week during the wonderful mediterranean weather, these markings have a life expectancy of approximately 12-15 years.

Tarmac versus Concrete playgrounds.

Normally we would install these markings on Tarmac however the school’s playground area was concrete. This didn’t present any issue as we simply added a ‘primer’ as another step in our installation process. The primer along with the chalk lines disappears after a few days, leaving the vibrant thermoplastic markings.

The playground markings supplied & installed on the school yard:

1. Single Hopscotch

2. Activity Trail (reduced)

3. 3-Way Hopscotch.

Instantly download our latest Playground Markings Brochure by clicking download


More Playground Markings information.

For more information on our Playground Markings just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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Playground Markings – 10 Schools & 10% Discounts.


To celebrate the arrival of “Early Summer” and our new range of Playground Markings we are giving 10% DISCOUNT to the first 10 schools to request a Quote.

We’ll even help with design of your playground to ensure you get the absolute best from it!

Claim your 10% by just:

Email or lo-call 1890-252-856, mention this Facebook message for your discount. Offer ends 30th April. T&C apply, see our website.

Click images below to View and Enlarge.



Instantly dowload your Priced Playground Markings Brochure with over 4o markings  by click this image  >>


More Playground Markings information.

For more information on our Playground Markings just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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Your playground markings, start to finish – our process.

I first visited Castledockrell National School three weeks prior to applying the thermoplastic playground markings. The purpose of my visit to the school was to finalise the schools order and ensure that the markings wanted would fit the intended area.

Once at the school it became evident that some of the existing thermoplastic markings were in a very poor state. These original markings were not properly prepared before application and allowed water & frost to get underneath. Eventually the playground markings cracked and started to chip away. As part of the contract we agreed to remove these original playground markings.

With the schools order ready, I took advantage of a fine dry day and called out to the schools to start transforming their school yard.

The Process.

9am. Before 9am the existing, tatty markings were removed and the yard was measured out.

I started by installing a solid Hopscotch, measuring just short of 3m long and with the four primary colours which really brought life into that corner of the yard. This was followed by one of our newer marking of an A-Z alphabet spiral and our ever popular number snakes and a 3m diameter Target Board.

Giant Ladybird Hopscotch

1pm. By early afternoon it was to me move on to the centre piece of the schools yard – a Giant Ladybird Hopscotch consisting of 16 sections, measuring 3.6m x 3.6m and covering a total of nearly 13 square metres. Despite its size and complexity this markings offers great value for money.

With a vibrant red body, jet black spots and contrasting yellow markings this ladybird makes a great centre piece to any school yard and gives the children hours of fun.

3pm. Finished playground markings project, all cleaned up and ready to get back to the office. The markings put onto the school yard will last the school for many years, remaining vibrant in colour and fully non-slip for safe use in all weathers.

More Playground Markings information.

For more information on our Playground Markings just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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School Playground Markings – We’ve extended our range.

With the brighter evenings and improved weather, our school enquiries for Playground Markings has noticeable increased. This season we have extended our Playground Markings range for Irish schools and produced new brochures & literature (see below).

New Playground Markings Range.

In addition to our standard Playground Markings such as dartboards, hopscotch (flower, kite and rocket), snakes & ladders we also apply Educational Markings such as 8 point compass, World Map and Map of Ireland. Within our Animals, Numbers & Letters category we can provide crocodile, snail, dragon and caterpillar markings, just to name a few of our colourful characters.

Pricing & Packages.

Please contact us for pricing on particular markings you have an interest in or we can offer advice on suggested packages. To print or save the Playground marking images & pages below, just click on an image twice.

For more (postal or digital) marketing information on our Playground Markings please contact Niall Clancy;

This short (1 minute) video below shows how we applied the thermoplastic markings in Co. Monaghan.

More Playground Markings information.

For more information on our Playground Markings just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

playground markings - numbered snakeplayground markings

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School Playground Markings in Monaghan.

“The Billis NS recently invested in playground markings (hopscotch, adventure trail, dinosaur prints, teddy prints and a snake) for our new playground area. They have exceeded our expectations! The adventure trail is particularly impressive. The children have been using them every day, increasing their physical activity at lunch-time. The service given by Fitness Functions was excellent-they came when they said they would, stayed until the job was finished and left the playground neat and tidy. Top marks!”

Ruth Williamson (Billis NS, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan)

‘Thermoplastic’ playground markings were what Ruth Williamson requested for the school (less than 70 pupils) during the summer. She wanted playground markings that would be enjoyed by the children for many years to come. After an email or two, all the details were confirmed and we applied the thermosplastic markings to Billis National School schools yard last month. The playground markings were:

  1. Numbered snake 1-10
  2. Dinosaur prints
  3. Hopscotch 1-10
  4. Paw prints
  5. Activity trail

The short (1 minute) video below shows how we applied the thermoplastic markings. For more marketing information, videos or photo galleries please email Niall Clancy;

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School Playground Markings in Kilkenny.


We promised last month to keep this Blog updated with our latest Playground Markings activity. Our latest school project brought us to St. Marys, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. St. Marys has just over 400 pupils attending the school and 19 teachers working there. We applied a combination of thermoplastic playground markings in the form of a hopscotch, activity trail, numbered snake and a dart board with additional random letters and a number line markings in non slip paint.

Playground Markings & Children Cover

To request a free Playground Markings brochure just click the image >>


More Playground Markings information.

For more information on our Playground Markings just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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