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Require Balance Benches for your school?


Balance benches are one of the most popular items we supply to Irish schools. High quality benches help children develop balance, co-ordination and control. Balance benches have multi-functionary uses as platforms, balance beams and can also serve as seats.

Department of Education Balance Benches.

When it comes to advising Irish schools which balance benches to choose for their Sports hall we point them in the direction of the Department of Education’s school standards & specification packages. The 406 & 594 sports hall packages both recommend;

Wooden Balance Benches.

(10. Number) Wooden 3.4 m, to comply with requirements of EN 913. Hooks one end.

These are the balance benches we have consistently supplied to schools nationwide over the years.

School Balance Benches

School Balance Benches

Alternative Bench Options:

We can also supply other balance benches which are made from a variety of materials such as cross-cut piranha pine, MDF and steel. These materials have varying degrees of strength and flexibility.

Options include:

  1. Colours,
  2. Plastic or rubber feet,
  3. Hooks at one or both ends for linking with other equipment, such as wall bars or trestle sets.
  4. Balance bench lengths in the school environment range from 1.83m to 3.35m.

Should you have any specific queries in relation Balance Benches or general school sports equipment, just contact us and we will be glad to help.

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