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Safety Padding – Bespoke or Standard?

We’re often asked what type of sports safety padding we produce and the main differences. Well, we manufacture both standard and bespoke safety padding, they differ in terms of availability, technical specifications and pricing.

Standard Safety Padding.

The best examples of our standard safety padding would be our outdoor basketball padding designed to suit Department of Education outdoor basketball units for Irish schools & sports clubs. Others types of standard padding would Rugby, GAA goal post and wall padding. Generally we keep a constant stock of this type of padding.

Bespoke Safety Padding.

We have completed a number of bespoke projects, our most well known being the Ski Club of Ireland and Aviva Stadium. We produced almost 300 metres of padding for these venues, the padding produced was custom made and technically differed, as each client’s requirements were unique. Most of our bespoke work isn’t done on such a large scale, we work mostly with schools & sports clubs who require custom padding on items such as:

  1. Columns, pillars & window sills
  2. Corners of buildings
  3. Railing & fences
  4. Door jambs & arches

Contact Fitness Functions.

For more information on our safety padding just email Niall Clancy, Marketing Manager, niall@fitnessfunctions.ie or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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