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Irish Builders Outdoor Basketball Installation Guide.


Outdoor Basketball Collage


Fitness Functions have supplied countless main contractors in recent years with Outdoor Basketball sets for new build Irish schools & colleges which conform to the Department of Education Outdoor Specifications. As we manufacture these sets in our premises in Co. Carlow, they’re always in stock and ready to ship directly to site.

Outdoor Basketball (PEO/150) parts list (c/w)

  1. - ground socket (2)Outdoor Basketball with Safety Padding.
  2. - insert caps (2)
  3. - upright 88.9mm pole (2)
  4. - extension arm with board bracket (2)
  5. - 4ft x 3ft back board (2)
  6. - heavy duty ring and net (2)
  7. - protective padding (2) (optional)
  8. - pack fixings & safety labels (optional)

Basketball Sockets Ordering & Delivery.

When a Builder places on order for a Basketball set (s) we organise delivery to site. These basketball sockets are often required on short notice especially if theresa new asphalt basketball court involved that no one wants to dig up !!

Outdoor School Basketball Installation Guidelines

  1. Install ground sockets at correct locations. If basketball court is unmarked check with architect or client for clarification. Each basketball socket requires hole size of min 500mm diameter and approximately 900mm depth. Ensure the basketball socket is set level with ground after installation. Concrete should be painted after installation. Vital: it is essential that ground sockets are correctly installed to ensure basketball poles are upright.
  2. Court size; sockets should be set 28m apart where possible, but at least 1m from end fences/walls. If necessary reduce court size to allow adequate safety runoff.
  3. Allow basketball sockets to settle for a minimum of 48 hours before assembling the goals. Two men should assemble the units. First place extension arm over the upright, lock the arm to the pole at approximately 4ft.
  4. Now, the board and ring should be attached to the basketball extension arm using the bolts supplied. Ensure the basketball board is level and plumb. Black target box should be towards the bottom of board-top of ring should line up with bottom line of small rectangle box (150mm from bottom of back board).
  5. Using a step ladder and bracing bar, bring the basketball board/arm/ring combination to the correct height. Lock the grub screws/bolts into position using allen key/19mm ratchet.
  6. The correct height from ground of the basketball ring is 10ft for seniors and 8ft6” for juniors.
  7. Ensure all bolts are fully tightened and attach safety warning labels to boards and/or uprights. Finally, attach safety padding (if supplied)

Contact Fitness Functions.

If you have any further queries or require some information regarding installation of outdoor basketball equipment please feel free to contact niall clancy,

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Sports Equipment Grants


dublin, golf clubs,


We have taken a number of calls and emails on the topic of Sports Grants & Funding. We have over 10 years experience working with Sports & GAA Clubs, Community Centres & Sports Associations. We advise on the sports equipment best suited to a club/organisations needs and offer discounted packages.


Details & Aims.

Michael Ring, Minister of State for Tourism & Sport approved sports equipment grants for 2.6 million late last year. 22 national sports bodies have been included for these grants, they range from the Irish Rugby Football Union, Canoeing Ireland, the GAA, the Irish Sailing Association, to the Football Association of Ireland and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association.

Dept of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

The sports equipment grant for the 22 sporting bodies will allow them to:


1. purchase new sports equipment

2. enhance participation in sport

3. improve sporting performance


True Sporting Benefit.

Minister Ring, commented that although the sports equipment grants will be used at a national level the true benefit and focus will more keenly be felt at a local level in communities around Ireland “who head out on weeknights and weekends to train with their local club”


 Sports Equipment Grant Allocation:




Grant Purpose

Athletics Association of Ireland €350,000 club athletic equipment, sports hall indoor competition, track and field competition, speed gates, dartfish analysis, GPS heart rate monitors and lactate machines
Badminton Ireland €90,000 para badminton chairs, school kits, target cage, posts and nets
Canoeing Ireland €75,000 boats, racks and gym equipment
Community Games
national finals equipment upgrade/replenishment, area equipment packs (165) and county equipment packs (40)
Cricket Ireland
performance analysis equipment, cricket factory (to allow people to try cricket), BOLA fielding machine
Football Association of Ireland
footballs, training equipment, fitness equipment, goalposts and football for all specialist equipmen
footballs, sliotars, bibs, cones and portable goalposts
Institute of Sport
performance analysis, strength and conditioning, medical, physiotherapy and physiology
Irish Hockey Association
throw down lines, hockey sticks, outdoor and indoor hockey balls, equipment bags, backboards and heart rate monitors
Irish Martial Arts Commission
mobile stage, boxing ring and floor mats
Irish Olympic Handball Association
balls, iGoals, match equipment, mobile arena
Irish Rugby Football Union
equipment for clubs and schools, defibrillators, GPS tracking system, scrum machines, match and training equipment
Irish Sailing Association
mobile training fleets, transport vans, coach boats, coaching equipment, Olympic sailing equipment and training camp equipment (excluding eyewear)
Irish Table Tennis Association
tables, surrounds, nets, training equipment
Irish Wheelchair Association Sport
basketball, athletics, hand cycling, rugby, boccia, table tennis, archery, frisbee, tennis, powerlifting and gym equipment.
Junior Golf Ireland
golf kits (golf clubs etc) for schools
Ladies Gaelic Football Association
tutor packs
Motor Cycling Ireland
timing system
Special Olympics Ireland
athletics throws, bocce carpets, floorball rink, tennis and table tennis
Swim Ireland
UL, National Aquatic Centre and Connacht high performance centres
Volleyball Association of Ireland
international standard equipment for suitable sports halls
Weightlifting Ireland
weightlifting Equipment


Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require additional, basketball sets, basketball rings or backboard information please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our marketing manager; We look forward to your email.

- See more at:

Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require additional, basketball sets, basketball rings or backboard information please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our marketing manager; We look forward to your email.

- See more at:

Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require additional sports equipment grant or funding information please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our marketing manager; We look forward to your email.

- See more at:

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Ceiling & Cross Court Basketball Goals, Co. Mayo & Tipperary

A Customised Investment.

Basketball units, particularly Ceiling mounted basketball goals are usually the most costly fixed sporting element in a sports hall. As the vast majority of Irish sports hall differ in size, shape and dimensions the basketball units will need to be customised to take in the unique features of each venue.

Request Outdoor Brochure (featuring Basketball Units) >>

Our most recent basketball project.

This was exactly the situation for our most recent basketball installations (May 2013) in Co. Mayo & Tipperary. With the proper care these basketball goals will be used and enjoyed by students for years.

Standards & Specifications.

We manufacture & install ceiling mounted & cross court basketball goals to Department of Education Specifications & Standards. We install motorised wall mounted basketball goals complete with Perspex backboards, basketball padding, break cable safety device in sports centres & schools throughout Ireland.


Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require us to call out to your Sports Hall or require additional, basketball sets, basketball rings or backboard information please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our digital marketing manager; We look forward to your email.

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Playground Markings; Top 7 things all Irish Teachers need to know.

Over the years Fitness Functions has advised hundreds of teachers and numerous schools on their playground markings enquiries. Consistently a number of topics come up time and again. Below we have listed the ‘top 7 things every Irish Teacher needs to know’ when deciding on Playground Markings for their school.

  1. Life expectancy. Teachers understandably want to know how long their markings will last. Markings can last anywhere from 2 to over 15 years. There are no guarantees, as it depends on factors such as footfall, surface conditions but the type of playground markings chosen has the biggest impact on how long the markings will last.
  2. Types of Markings. The choice of playground markings comes down to either vibrant ‘Thermoplastic’ solid colours with a life span of 12-15 years or “Specialised Paint’ featuring more basic games which may last for a few years.
  3. Safety. Our thermoplastic and specialised paint are both ‘non slip’. We also advise on the nature of games in relation to space, play area borders and age groups. This practical experience gained over the years regarding safely laying out the yard is of the utmost importance. Read more…

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Spring Time is ‘Healthy & Active’ Playground Markings Time!

This month started and ended with snow down here in Co. Carlow but we’re an optimistic lot and we know with the longer, brighter days the heat will return. I said we’re ‘positive’ thinkers!

This time of year schools & community centres thoughts usually turn to outdoor activities. Thermoplastic playground markings are an attractive, healthy, long term answer when it comes to adding fun and stimulating games for all children. The vibrant colours, exciting patterns and games are certain to get children active during playtime.

SPRING OFFER “FREE Hopscotch Solid” (valued at €195)” with all orders over €1,700. Offers must be placed before 31st May 2013. Standard T&C’s apply.

How do I get the Spring Playground Markings offer?

1. Click download to instantly download a Pricing & Packages brochure.

2. Then contact us for a personalised quote on the exact markings you wish to order:

Read more…

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Irish Outdoor Basketball Backboards

Oudoor Basketball Header
There are numerous types and styles of backboards available today. The standard basketball backboard we supply, measures 1200 x 900mm x 20mm (4ft x 3ft) and can be genuinely used either for outdoor basketball goalsBasketball Fully Marked Backboard 4x3ft (1200x900mm) Dept. of Education Specifications. and also without doubt, for indoors.
This is exactly the same basketball board we supply, as standard, with our Department of Education Tenders. We use these heavier duty basketball backboards on all our indoor installations for community centres, sports clubs and school basketball cross court practice basketball sets because of their durability.

We manufacture…

As we manufacture & mark these boards our prices are always competitive. Delivery is 3-5 working days from order, available drilled for standard basketball ring pattern, if requested. Weight 10kg.

Pricing & Ordering.

For pricing and orders please email

Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require additional, basketball sets, basketball rings or backboard information please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our digital marketing manager; or call 059-9152889. We look forward to hearing from you.

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School Outdoor Basketball Sets.

To kick start 2013 we are giving away a FREE basketball with every school outdoor basketball set ordered, before the 31st March this year.

To claim your FREE Basketball?

To ensure you receive your free basketball with your order just mention/reference the flyer below, its that simple.

Email: OR Phone: 1890-252-856.

Click to View Outdoor Basketball Set.

School Outdoor Basketball Set

About our School Outdoor Basketball sets.

1.    Our outdoor basketball is made to strict Department of Education Specifications.
2.    We have supplied / installed hundreds of these sets for Irish primary and secondary schools over the past ten years, from Wexford, Dublin and Donegal to Kerry.
3.    Safety Padding; safety padding for the basketball posts is an optional extra

Outdoor Basketball surfaces & line marking.

In addition to our school outdoor basketball goals & padding, we apply basketball court lining and painting (as pictured above) to indoor & outdoor courts.

Contact Fitness Functions.

If you require additional, basketball sets, basketball rings or backboard information please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our digital marketing manager; We look forward to your email.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Thanks for all your support and business throughout 2012 and we’re looking forward to creating new relationships and enhancing existing ones in the New Year.

Fitness Functions 2012.

Fitness Functions Merry Christmas

2012 saw Fitness Functions launch new websites including our Online Sports Equipment Shop, we completed numerous sports equipment installations for schools, community centres and sports halls all around Ireland. A notable section of these projects were in the areas of Basketball Installations, Sports Safety Padding, Playground Markings & Sports Line Marking and Department of Education school projects.

Christmas Opening Dates.

We will be open until Friday 21st December and will return to normal business on Monday 7th January. We will be checking your emails & correspondence over the holiday period.

Once again Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.

Fitness Functions.

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Snapsports installed in Kilbrittain National School, Cork.

Click to View Latest Kilbrittain Photos.

We are delighted to report that will be installing the Snapsports ‘Indoor Bounceback‘ sports floor in Kilbrittain National School’s, sportshall. The indoor basketball court will be bright blue, the run offs bright red and the finally the basketball keys will be coloured bright red. The sports floor installation will require approximately 4/5 days on site. We’ll post images and videos of the sports floor installation once the project is complete.

Who are Snapsports?

SnapSports founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been inventing, engineering, manufacturing and providing the world’s leading outdoor multi-courts, basketball courts and modular sport surfaces for nearly four decades. This means their experience is second to none in the field of modular sports surfaces. SnapSports surfaces are suitable for – Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Tennis and net games, Hockey and Handball, in fact the multi-purpose sports surfaces range ensure that you will get the maximum performance from your floor regardless of your main sport.

Key Snapsports advantages.

SnapSports Commercial Sports Hall Surfacing

Cost. Snapsports modular floors are significantly less costly than traditional wooden sports floors.

Guarantee.  With a 12 year full guarantee every customer can make the decision to purchase SnapSports products with complete confidence.

Accreditation. SnapSports surfaces have been accredited by and are approved for use by the following sports organisations; FIBA (basketball), USFF (Unites States Futsal Federation), USA Team Handball, Special Olympics and the ITF (International Tennis Federation). Snapsports flooring systems were used by the U.S. Olympic teams in London 2012.

Installation. With minimum preparation work and a fast and clean installation, most projects require only a matter of days the cost of the surface is kept to an absolute minimum. See video below.


Fitness Functions call-out service.

If you require additional information or if you would like Fitness Functions to visit your sports hall and demonstrate the SnapSports product please do not hesitate to contact us. Email our digital marketing manager;

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Indoor Basketball Goals, Longford.

During the summer months we always try to complete outdoor sports installations. However given how poor this Irish summer has been we’ve recently completed indoor sports equipment projects for schools & sports centres.

Wall Mounted Basketball Units.

St. Marys new community centre, Edgeworthstown,  Longford required a number of basketball units. The Community Centre now have 4 no. practice basketball units and 2 no. wall mounted basketball units which can be used and enjoyed for many years to come.

We manufacture & install practice and ceiling mounted basketball goals to Department of Education Specifications & Standards. We have installed motorised wall mounted basketball goals complete with perspex backboards, basketball padding, break cable safety device in sports centres & schools in almost every county in Ireland.


 More Indoor Basketball Goals…

For more information on our basketball goals just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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