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Playground Markings; Top 7 things all Irish Teachers need to know.

Over the years Fitness Functions has advised hundreds of teachers and numerous schools on their playground markings enquiries. Consistently a number of topics come up time and again. Below we have listed the ‘top 7 things every Irish Teacher needs to know’ when deciding on Playground Markings for their school.

  1. Life expectancy. Teachers understandably want to know how long their markings will last. Markings can last anywhere from 2 to over 15 years. There are no guarantees, as it depends on factors such as footfall, surface conditions but the type of playground markings chosen has the biggest impact on how long the markings will last.
  2. Types of Markings. The choice of playground markings comes down to either vibrant ‘Thermoplastic’ solid colours with a life span of 12-15 years or “Specialised Paint’ featuring more basic games which may last for a few years.
  3. Safety. Our thermoplastic and specialised paint are both ‘non slip’. We also advise on the nature of games in relation to space, play area borders and age groups. This practical experience gained over the years regarding safely laying out the yard is of the utmost importance.
  4. Reputable Supplier. It’s advisable that Teachers should only deal with reputable suppliers who are in business a number of years, with a strong portfolio of schools and their previous work is easily accessible on their websites.
  5. Cost & Economies of Scale. ‘Specialised paint’ is approx. 30% cheaper than Thermoplastic markings. Of more importance when dealing with installation work is the concept that the playground markings become proportionally much cheaper as the number of markings increases. For example, 5 playground markings doubling to 10 are not double the price, they are significantly cheaper. This is how a school makes true savings and gains value for money.
  6. Weather Dependant & Installation dates. The markings can only be put down on a dry surface with a temperature that isn’t below +5 Celsius. Given the Irish Weather this can be problematic regarding installation dates. As such, most markings are put down in the months April-September with the longer and warmer days although school orders are taken all year round.
  7. Surfaces & Previous Markings. Tarmac & concrete can take playground markings, the application process differs slightly. Many schools embarking on a new playground markings project need their previous markings removed, ensure that your supplier will remove Playground Markings & Children Coverthese markings as part of their service.

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Addressing as many of the above points as possible will save Irish Teachers time, money and effort. Should you wish to instantly download a Playground Markings Brochures with over 40 priced markings just click download.

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More Playground Markings information.

For more information on our Playground Markings just email Niall Clancy, Digital Marketing Manager, niall@fitnessfunctions.ie or lo-call 1890-252-856.

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