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Primary & Post Primary schools will be issued with Playground and PE equipment grants. Primary schools have been allocated €8m for playground and PE equipment while Post primary schools have been allocated €7.8m to renew their PE equipment. The breadown and details can be found by clicking the Department of Education’s Press Release or by viewing it below.

22 November, 2010 – Tánaiste announces €44m in grants for primary and post-primary schools – €36m for minor works in primary schools which includes €8m for playground and PE equipment €7.8m package for post-primary schools to renew PE equipment.

The Tánaiste and Minister for Education and Skills, Mary Coughlan TD, today announced details of €44 million in grants for primary and post-primary schools.

A €28 million minor works grant and a PE funding package of €8 million for 3,246 primary schools was announced along with a €7.8 million PE funding package for over 700 post-primary schools throughout the country.

Announcing the minor works grant for 2010/2011, the Tánaiste said that the rates payable are €5,500 per school plus €18.50 per mainstream pupil and €74 per special needs pupil.

The grant for primary schools allows schools to carry out minor works without needing to deal directly with the Department.

The funds must be spent on the physical infrastructure of the school or on items of furniture and equipment for educational use including IT related equipment.

In addition, the Tánaiste announced details of the playground and PE equipment grant under which each primary school will receive a basic grant of €1,000 plus €10 per pupil.

The grant in the case of a 50-pupil primary school will be worth €1,500 and in the case of a 300-pupil primary school the grant will be €4,000.

Post-primary schools will receive a basic grant of €2,000 plus €20 per pupil in respect of PE equipment.

The grant in the case of a 200-student post-primary school will be worth €6,000 and in the case of a 500-student school the grant will be €12,000.

Announcing the details the Tánaiste said: “Schools will have the opportunity to purchase modern new equipment and to replace older equipment no longer suitable for use.”

Referring to the PE element of the grants package for primary and post-primary schools, the Tánaiste said: “Physical exercise and sport are vital elements of a balanced lifestyle and develop character, teamwork and leadership.

“Participation in sport is a central part of the education of all pupils and the positive attitudes to physical well-being nurtured in schools can continue to flourish through regular participation all during life,” said the Tánaiste.

The Department will issue the grant to schools over the next number of days.

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