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The Physcial Education Association of Ireland (PEAI) have issued guidelines for post primary teachers regarding the PE grants announced by the Department of Education & Skills.  An Tanaiste, Mary Coughlan, TD announced €7.8m distributed to post primary schools throughtout the country. Below, please see the PEAI suggestions on how post primary PE teachers could best spend their PE grants.

PEAI Guidelines in relation to use of Physical Education Grant (Nov 2010) 

PE teachers should consult with senior management with regards to the allocation of funds for various items of equipment and resources to support teaching and learning in Physical Education, as they may be required to account for the appropriate use of these grants in the future.

It would be preferable for PE departments to invest in equipment and resources that will be available for several years. The purpose of the grant is to ensure PE departments are better placed to deliver quality programmes. Some suggestions include:

  • Capital Equipment
  1. Goal Posts
  2. Gymnastic equipment (mats, benches, boxes)
  3. Dividing curtains
  4. Whiteboards
  5. Hard Court Floor Markings
  6. Resistance & Cardiovascular Endurance equipment (weights, treadmills, rowing machines, etc)
  7. Activity specific equipment (e.g. orienteering controls; mapping of the school grounds, tents etc)
  • Physiological Equipment for integration in classes
  1. Heart-rate monitors
  2. Pedometers
  3. Fitness testing equipment;
  • Educational Software
  • Reference & Resource Textbooks (posters, activity specific taskcards)  


Schools should avoid using this grant to offset expenses in the areas of repairs and refurbishments, which should be applied for under the summer works scheme or through the school’s general maintenance budget.

Schools will also be receiving a significant ICT grant to upgrade the availability of equipment and infrastructure in this area. This provides an opportunity for Physical Education departments to also avail of discounted ICT equipment specifically to promote the integration of ICT into teaching and learning.

ICT equipment such as the following may be purchased through the ICT grant

  • HD Digital Video Cameras
  • Data-Projectors;
  • Laptops/netbooks with video editing software,


Use of this ICT grant for such items will provide an even larger allocation of funds to the PE department overall. Please consult with your principal or school ICT coordinator regarding the ICT grant.

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