Line Marking


PE406/50 Indoor Line Marking.

Fitness Functions has carried out hundreds of projects direct from the Department of Education School Sports 406 and 594 packages, the Department allows for 7 courts to be painted for sports activities.


The official list comprises:

  • 1 x main basketball court
  • 1 x volleyball court
  • 4 x badminton courts
  • 1 x five a side football – set of penalty and goal circles

In general, we believe teachers should be aware of the following 7 factors.

1. Sports Hall Cleaning.

If the school has enlisted the services of a professional line marking company ensure the hall isn’t treated with detergents and soaps beforehand. The best preparation is to simply sweep the hall clean and ensure its as ‘dust free’ as possible.

2. Save Money/Value for Money.

We are often asked how much it costs to line mark one sports court for a school.

The answer and reality is that, it’s much better value for the school to get a number of sports courts marked at the same time. The main reason being the cost of labour. So deciding on the number of courts, what games will be played and ordering them all together will save the school a lot of effort and more money.

3. Existing Courts / Fading Courts.

Existing courts can be relined and remarked, in fact the majority of our work is to re line existing courts. The time involved is more or less the same but it may require some additional preparation work.

4. How long after the work are the courts playable?

Ideally the courts should be left for 2 full days however most schools use the the courts afters 24hours.

5. Court Sizing.

Sports Halls come in various sizes and the line marking professionals selected should be able to resize the courts back to the schools exact requirements.

6. Multi-Purpose Lines.

In the case of Primary Schools, the main sports courts may not be needed and as such multi-purpose lining is a much versatile and cost effective option.

7. What surfaces can be lined.

The majority of courts to be lined are either timber, vinyl or rubber. Although most professional court markings companies can line mark more surfaces. We line mark all the main surfaces and please feel free to contact us for specific situations.


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School Gym Mats

PE/10 Gymnastic Mats.

The first item on the Department of Education list for secondary schools sports hall tender packages is gymnastics mats.
There are two gym mats currently recommended by the Department of Education for PE general exercises; the PE10A Horizontal Gym Mat and the PE10B Lightweight Vertical Gym Mat.

A.) Horizontal Storage type Flame Retardant Gymnastic Mat.

1830 mm x 1220 mm x 25 mm to comply with EN 12503 with particular reference to regulations concerning:

  • A) classification & intended use
  •  B) flame retardancy

4.5 kg (10 lbs) density reconstituted chipfoam. Bonded cover. Anti-slip base. Horizontal storage recommended.


B.) Lightweight Flame Retardant Gymnastic Mats.

1830 mm x 1220 mm x 32 mm to comply with standard, specification & flame retardancy as above. Anti-slip base. Designed for vertical storage. This gym mat is slightly more costly than the standard school gym mat.

PE/11 Mat Trolleys

To complement the choice of mats choosen there are two mats trolleys.

1. Horizontal Mat Trolley.

  • For Horizontal Storage type Flame Retardant Gymnastic Mat.
  • Flat bed type. Suitable for transporting 20 gymnastic mats (PE594/10A).
  • Six Non-marking 100 mm x 25 mm ball rack mounted swivel castors.
  • Tubular steel construction with pulling handle.
  • Framework finished with epoxy powder coated paint.


2. Vertical Mat Trolley.

  • For Lightweight Flame Retardant Gymnastic Mat.
  • Tubular steel construction c/w side frames and pulling handle.
  • Accepts 10 lightweight mats (PE594/10B).
  • Four Non-marking 100 mm x 25 mm ball rack mounted swivel castors.
  • Brakes on castors on 2 diagonally opposite corners.
  • Framework finished with epoxy powder coated paint.

Contact us / Pricing.

If you have any queries or questions regarding which gym mats or which mat trolleys are best for your school don’t hesitate to email, Lo-call 1890-252-856 or visit our website

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School Sports Equipment – Department of Education Standards.

We have been manfacturing suppying sports equipment that meets the Irish Department of Education standards and specifications for almost ten years.

We intend to post a grouping of the main sports items fom the 3 main School Sports packages on a frequent basis. We’ll include a brief description, some images and relavant links.department of Education

The main Department of Education school sports equipment packages in Ireland are:


406 – indoor sports package

594 – indoor sports package

Outdoor sports package

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  Safety Padding and Pads


Sports Padding

Irish Sports Safety Padding
We design and manufacture sports safety padding from our premises in Co. Carlow which means we have a stock of the most popular sports safety pads such as posts pads, column padding and safety mats but we also customise our safety padding (such as wall safety padding and corner padding) to our customers specific needs within a week of ordering.

Post Pads.

Our post pads are probably the most sought after type of sports safety padding we provide. Basketball post padding (made to Dept. Education Spec), Football, Rugby and GAA post padding are consistently in demand. Our post padding starts from €95 (ex vat and delivery)

Sports Safety Padding No Fee


Boundary & Wall Padding.

Irish Sports Safety Padding
Regardless of the sports played, the ‘run off’ areas in many cases are now being padded. Our customers see these areas as potentially dangerous whether they be indoor or outdoors. We have provided many wall padding solutions for sports halls and outdoor pitches, our most well know reference sites being the Aviva Stadium, Dublin and the Ski Club of Ireland, Kilteran. These projects and many of our wall padding projects were custom made, however we also supply wall padding made in standard sizes and sections starting from 2mx1m.


Safety Wall Padding

School Safety Padding.

Much of our work comes from Irish Schools, Sports Clubs and Community Centres. Padding goal posts, mainly basketball, volleyball, rugby and football, dangerous corners, walls, pitch sides and fencing are top the list for these insitutions.


Safety Foam Features.

All of our safety padding/foams have the following features:

  • Our padding and cushioning systems are wrapped in a hygienic, easy clean vinyl.Irish Sports Safety Padding in Progress
  • Full range of colours and fabric finishes.
  • We supply standard safety padding in 2m x 1m sizes with a range of thicknesses.
  • Internally, special attention is given to all doors, windows and services within the room, ensuring maximum safety.
  • All our foams are fire retardant to relevant standards.


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Sports Surfaces in Ireland…


Sports Floors in Ireland

Loughegar, Co. Westmeath and Carraroe, Co. Galway to be exact. These GAA Clubs and community centres are latest sports venues in Ireland to place their trust in the SnapSports brand. While their priority was naturally orientated towards sporting surfaces they were also very keen on having the multi activity properties to enable the hosting of concerts, local events and meetings for their members / visitors.


Sport Surface Installation & Guarantees.

Both sites took no longer than 4 days to lay the sports flooring and this also accounted for line marking 4 sports courts (Loughegar) and 4 sports courts (Carraroe). These installation times are significantly quicker when compared to traditional timber floors. While the installation times are impressive, the 12 year guarantee is also worth remembering.

Sports Floor Product & Features.

Both community centres decided on the “Indoor Bounceback” model, primarily for its multi sport and multi activity properties. The projects were finished with specifically designed sports skirting board which ensures that balls rebound off the boarding at predictable angles which is not always the case with other products. All doorways were made wheel chair friendly.

SnapSports Sports Surfacing Ireland

Sports Surfaces Sites Key Facts – Summarised.


Loughegar, Westmeath Carraroe, Galway
Dimensions 36mx18m 27mx15m
Colours Yellow & Green Red & Alloy
Model Bounceback Bounceback
Description Mutli Sport/Activity Mutli Sport/Activity
Line-Marking 4 Courts 4 Courts
Wheel Chair Access Yes Yes
Guarantee 12 Years 12 Years
On-Site Time 3 days 3 days


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Outdoor Basketball Court Dimensions.


Oudoor Basketball Header

This is one of the shortest blog posts we’ve ever written but over the last 2 weeks we’ve been asked by school teachers and builders the dimensions to outdoor basketball so here it is. (click 3 times to get the best view)

Department of Education Basketball Sets.

The Department of Education have also got a standards & spec for Irish Schools including dimensions for its outdoor basketball posts, to view them click here.


Outdoor Basketball Court Dimensions.


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Top 5 things Irish Schools & Clubs should know when buying Basketball Units


Basketball, as one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland requires appropriate facilities. Irish Schools & Sports Centres/Halls over the last 10 years have often approach us for advice on installing basketball goals and units in their sports hall. We believe that the following 5 factors, ultimately, decide what Basketball Goals a sports venue will have.


Ceiling mounted basketball Sports Halls

1. Sports Hall Construction.

The  design of your  sports centre  will  decide what basketball  goals are the most adequate for your sports hall. In order for your facility to take a ceiling or roof  mounted  basketball  system you’ll need to have  sufficient steelwork at roof level. For wall  mounted basketball goals you’ll need blockwork capable of taking the load (the wall must be of suitable strength to support a load of 200 kg on a cantilever arm of 4 m extension from the wall at a height of 4 metres.)

Fitness Functions offer a free consultation service to determine your requirements *

2. Competition Level.

This factor plays a critical part in deciding what basketball units will best suit your venue.   Some venues host  national super league or International matches,  but most halls will play to schools competitions and  incorporate  practice goals basketball. Mobile basketball goals, wall or ceiling mounted systems can be provided for each level.

Click to request a brochure.

3. Budget.

As a general rule “Wall” as opposed to “Ceiling” mounted basketball units are the  least expensive solution. The  wall units can be in a fixed  play  position or could be either side or vertically folding to the wall when not in use, to avoid interfering with other activities.


4. Age Group

Coming to a decision on what groups and ages will actually be playing determines the  design of the units required. In a junior or national school the ring height would be set to 8′ 6″for players up to 13 years, senior level ring height is 10ft. Our goals can be fixed and made to suit one height. Alternatively, we can make the units with a lifting/lowering device to allow play at both heights.

5.  Manual or electrically operated basketball system.

The decision here relates to the basketball system being either manually operated via a winch system or an electronic system which will raise and lower your units into place. Naturally the manual system is the more economically option but the electronic option is the preferred choice.

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Why Safety Padding Matters.


Wall Safety Padding Blog


 For Teachers and Schools Key Factors click here.


4 Key Safety Padding Characteristics.

Safety padding products are either ‘off the shelf’ or customised exactly to clients requirements which dictate the process of the padding project such as fabrication methods, type & density of foams, covering materials and the installation method to give a durable padding solution.

  1. Range of foam density; usually vary from 5mm to 450mm thickness
  2. All foams should be fire retardant to BS standards.
  3. Covers should be hygienic, antibacterial and made from materials such as tough vinyl.
  4. Range of colours and textured finishes.

We design and manufacture our Safety Padding from our premises in Co. Carlow. Our customers are normally sports venues, schools and commercial buildings through out Ireland.

Safety Padding Matters.

  • Protection & safety of children/staff/visitors
  • Protection of commercial property
  • Insurance implications

The photos on this blog post are from Fitness Suite installation in Dublin. Our safety padding projects are made to order and normally categorised as follows:

  1. Wall Safety Padding.
  2. Column/Pillar Safety Padding
  3. Corner Safety Padding.
  4. End walls of sports pitches and playgrounds
  5. Railings and fences
  6. Radiators and other protrusions

Our Satisfied Customers:

Aviva Stadium, Dublin      Ski Club of Ireland, Kilternan     UCC, Mardyke Arena
The HSE, nationwide     The Irish Prison Service,     The Dept of Education, nationwide



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Snapsports Flooring Installations in Galway & Westmeath.


Snapsports Flooring


Further to our Snapsports Floor installation in Co. Cork  late in 2012 (see site photos below), we’re delighted to announce an additional two flooring projects will take place in Ireland, at sportshall locations in Galway and Westmeath. Each site is expected to take no longer than 3-4 days to install the sports floor which is guaranteed for 12 years.

Sports Surfaces

Click to request Snapsport Brochures


Sports Floors Choosen.

Both Community Centres choose the indoor “Bounceback” product which provides excellent shock absorption and ball response for multiple activities. This particular model also boasts low maintenance costs and seamless design for consistent play as its main benefits.

Site 1 (Westmeath) Colours;Green & Gold.

Site 2 (Galway) Colours; Red & Black.

Once the floors are installed, linemarked and ready for use we’ll update this Blog with these up-to-date images. We are once again expect these Snapsports flooring projects to be completed on time, allowing the sports centres many years of multi court active use.

Snapsports Flooring Key Points.

In fact, the 12 year guarantee is a significant selling point with all Snapsports Floors. The other determining factors are:

1. Flooring Cost. Snapsports modular floors are significantly less costly than traditional wooden sports floors.

2. Approval by the major sporting organisations such as FIBA (basketball), USFF (Unites States Futsal Federation), Special Olympics and the ITF (International Tennis Federation)

3. Installation. With minimum preparation work and a fast and clean installation, the majority of projects require only a matter of days which significantly reduces the cost of labour.

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Irish Builders Outdoor Basketball Installation Guide.


Outdoor Basketball Collage


Fitness Functions have supplied countless main contractors in recent years with Outdoor Basketball sets for new build Irish schools & colleges which conform to the Department of Education Outdoor Specifications. As we manufacture these sets in our premises in Co. Carlow, they’re always in stock and ready to ship directly to site.

Outdoor Basketball (PEO/150) parts list (c/w)

  1. - ground socket (2)Outdoor Basketball with Safety Padding.
  2. - insert caps (2)
  3. - upright 88.9mm pole (2)
  4. - extension arm with board bracket (2)
  5. - 4ft x 3ft back board (2)
  6. - heavy duty ring and net (2)
  7. - protective padding (2) (optional)
  8. - pack fixings & safety labels (optional)

Basketball Sockets Ordering & Delivery.

When a Builder places on order for a Basketball set (s) we organise delivery to site. These basketball sockets are often required on short notice especially if theresa new asphalt basketball court involved that no one wants to dig up !!

Outdoor School Basketball Installation Guidelines

  1. Install ground sockets at correct locations. If basketball court is unmarked check with architect or client for clarification. Each basketball socket requires hole size of min 500mm diameter and approximately 900mm depth. Ensure the basketball socket is set level with ground after installation. Concrete should be painted after installation. Vital: it is essential that ground sockets are correctly installed to ensure basketball poles are upright.
  2. Court size; sockets should be set 28m apart where possible, but at least 1m from end fences/walls. If necessary reduce court size to allow adequate safety runoff.
  3. Allow basketball sockets to settle for a minimum of 48 hours before assembling the goals. Two men should assemble the units. First place extension arm over the upright, lock the arm to the pole at approximately 4ft.
  4. Now, the board and ring should be attached to the basketball extension arm using the bolts supplied. Ensure the basketball board is level and plumb. Black target box should be towards the bottom of board-top of ring should line up with bottom line of small rectangle box (150mm from bottom of back board).
  5. Using a step ladder and bracing bar, bring the basketball board/arm/ring combination to the correct height. Lock the grub screws/bolts into position using allen key/19mm ratchet.
  6. The correct height from ground of the basketball ring is 10ft for seniors and 8ft6” for juniors.
  7. Ensure all bolts are fully tightened and attach safety warning labels to boards and/or uprights. Finally, attach safety padding (if supplied)

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